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It's Time for the January Virtual Team Challenge!

  Rower Meters
1 James Wehn 422,723
2 Chris Ryu 308,854
3 Thomas Schwertner 304,216
4 Dan Bachmann 300,350
5 Tom Hudak 291,000
6 Doug Brubaker 279,000
7 Doug Rathburn 260,900
8 Kevin Cronin 260,596
9 Abigail Sevier 235,329
10 Rachel Stanley 231,225
11 Ryan Norchi 228,985
12 Luke Fakult 224,266
13 Matthew Hausladen 202,814
14 Mike Krofcheck 202,056
15 Philip Smith 200,846
16 Kelli Anderson 200,447
17 Brian Chorney 200,002
18 Benjamin Lindstrom 200,001
19 Evan Halprin 200,000
20 Sean Mann 184,801
21 John Calhoun 171,082
22 Masato Miyagi 170,357
23 Liam Hoye 163,786
24 Wyatt Saint Clair 161,706
25 Ashley Yoon 148,071
26 David Fulton 144,739
27 Ian Steiner 140,367
28 Helen Sanderson 138,994
29 Maria Tompkins 137,368
30 Colleen Kennedy 132,256
31 Peter Fedrizzi 130,168
32 Ram Fish 119,777
33 Sam Nutt 119,219
34 Gary Clark 112,884
35 Tuck Pescosolido 108,870
36 William Warren 108,269
37 Jess Wilson-Woodrow 106,500
38 Erynn Rathburn 102,106
39 Christian Juengling 101,586
40 Daniel Hong 100,693
41 Chris Bowley 100,105
42 Michaela Kus 93,720
43 Jennifer Roberts 81,421
44 Grace Karabinus 80,990
45 Emily Schnittman 80,236
46 Janet Clark 63,875
47 Eileen Gordon 49,866
48 Jennifer Lohmeier 41,097
49 Lucas Vroege 37,000
50 Carol Brubaker 28,883
51 Trisha Krofcheck 26,370
52 Karla Rosenman 26,270
53 Jessica Powell 22,500
54 Tom Attenweiler 20,687
55 Amy Moore 19,636
56 Lauren Boucher 18,939
57 Heather Babish 14,933
58 Nina Ma 8,351
59 Meg Grow 6,537
60 Margaret Attenweiler 5,000
Total Team Meters 8,383,625

Please consider our virtual team for this year's Concept 2 Virtual Team Challenge (VTC). We've had teams entered since 2010, and it's a good way to stay in shape in the winter and also try and beat our rivals from the University of Chicago.

Also as in past years we will have gifts for rowers that post meters at the 50km, 100km and 200km levels. The 200km level, in particular, is a custom embroidered Case Crew hat that is truly worth the effort!

To join the team follow the instructions on this page. Our team name is "Case Crew - Spartan Alumni". If you've competed in the past you must go into your logbook and "opt in" to the challenge.

Status as of February 2 at 10am
Case Crew - Spartan Alumni - 8,383,625 meters
University of Chicago Crew - 6,488,814 meters
Purdue University Crew - 5,526,667 meters
U Chicago Alumni Crew - 3,302,144 meters
Grand Valley Rowing Alumni - 1,094,699 meters
Notre Dames / Olden Domers - 699,955 meters
Fat Cats-Princeton Alums - 230,607 meters


Past Year's JVTC Results:
2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

CWRU Crew 2015-2016 Regatta Schedule

Below is the Case Crew 2015-2016 racing & event schedule with links to the results and photos for each event. For a write up about each completed event continue to scroll down. If possible, please come and cheer the team on!

This year's alumni regatta will again be on April 23, and in conjunction with the event we will hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and dinner. If you would like to become a member of the SARA Board, take a leadership position, or vote on current business please come to or dial into the AGM.

25th Anniversary

Date: Event: Location: Results: Photos:
Sept 19 Head of the Cuyahoga Cleveland, OH - Cuyahoga River results photos
Oct 3 Head of the Genesee Rochester, NY results photos
Oct 11 Head of the Grand Lansing, MI results photos
Oct 17 Head of the Charles Boston, MA (Women's Varsity 4+ only) results photos
Nov 7 Head of the Hooch Chattanooga, TN (select boats only) results photos
Feb 13 Hammer Ergatta Cleveland, OH - Cleveland State Campus    
March 7-11 Spring Break Trip Gainesville, GA    
April 2 URA Championships Indianapolis, IN    
April 9 Lubber's Cup Spring Lake, MI    
April 23 Alumni Regatta & SARA AGM along with
Home Schools Regatta (w/ guest Toledo)
Cleveland, OH    
May 1 MACRA Championships Harsha Lake, Bethel, OH    
May 13-14 Dad Vail Regatta Philadelphia, PA    
May 28-29 ACRA Championships - tentative Gainesville, GA    


Spring 2016 Wish List Posted

wish list

Each year we would like to show our support of the coaching staff by providing them with a little "boost" each spring. Each year we ask the coaches what would really be some items they need to be successful for the spring season. This year's list is posted HERE.

As we all know the team cannot function without the support of alumni, parents and friends. From time to time the team needs certain items to keep functioning in tip-top shape. If you would like to contribute one of the item -- gaining a nice tax deduction at the same time -- please contact Doug Rathburn for more details.

This year's list contains some survival gear and electronics. The list is a bit shorter this year because of the focus on getting the coaching endowment over $100,000 by the spring alumni regatta. Based on previous donation levels we should be able to accomplish both! Any amount helps so please reach out and make a donation.

Fundraising with Amazon.com -- Use our link for Case Crew!

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February Results:
$84.00 raised
as of February 5 - Thanks!!!

SARA Amazon Affiliate Program Results

Over $15,500 raised since Oct'07!

Do all your shopping at Amazon using our link to access the site and Case Crew will get at least 6% of each purchase. Also, consider buying a gift certificate first to buy your product and double the amount raised.

The campaign so far has been very successful. But using the link everytime you visit Amazon is critical for us to get credit for each purchase.

Please Note: Amazon doesn't make it perfectly easy for us to get credit for purchases. Many people use the link to add items to their shopping cart and then purchase them at a later date. However, we only get credit if you use the Amazon Link when you actually make the purchase. Therefore, when you return to Amazon you must use the link provided at the point your credit card is charged for us to get credit.

Varsity 8's Place in Top 5 at the Head of the Hooch

November 7-8, 2015: Case Crew men's and women's varsity eights headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the last great head race in the fall - The Head of the Hooch. The early November event draws thousands of competitors from across the South and Midwest to the beautiful 5,000m downstream course on the Tennessee River. Case sent their two top eights to race on Saturday with the women taking fourth out of 30 crews and the men places fifth out of 28 crews.

Hooch WV8: Schnittmann, Merlino, Sevier, Kennedy, Olson-Williams, Roberts, Thomsen, Monroe with Miyagi (cox)

The coaches seat raced the squads during the weeks after the Charles to identify the fastest potential line up. This included allowing the frosh/novice squad to participate in the mix. The final line ups included two rower each from the frosh/novice squad. The women's 8+ line up of Emily Schnittmann (s), Steph Merlino (7), Abby Sevier (6), Colleen Kennedy (5), Hannah Olson-Williams (4), Jen Roberts (3), Anna Thomsen (2), Maya Monroe (b) and Masato Miyagi (cox) were first up in the morning. The crew finished in fourth with only four crews finishing with a sub-18 minute time. Taking the top three spots were community rowing from Boston, Clemson University and the Chicago Rowing Foundation. Trailing the Spartans were a full list of UAA and Division I colleges.

Hooch MV8: Fakult, Ryu, Norchi, Mann, Cronin, Hoye, Smith and Holdren with Kabins (cox)

Rain fell most of the day Saturday, but it didn't slow down the crews. The men's line up of Matt Holdren (s), Phil Smith (7), Liam Hoye (6), Kevin Cronin (5), Sean Mann (4), Ryan Norchi (3), Chris Ryu (2), Luke Fakult (b) and Liana Kabins (cox) took 5th overall. The crew were only 18 seconds off the winners from UNC Chapel Hill. Adrenaline was at play with the team reporting sub-1:25 splits off the start. The pace tapered a bit as the boys settled down to beat another long list of UAA and DI schools in Chattanooga for the race.

The race marked the end of the Case rowing careers of a number of team stalwarts. With spring racing not allowing grad students, the phenomenal performances at the Hooch capped marvelous careers for Abby Sevier, Steph Merlino and Matt Holdren.

Racing in the big boats was complete before lunch on the first day and the team drove back to Cleveland. Chris Ryu '16 hung back in order to race on Sunday in the Champ Single. The temperatures from Saturday dropped from the mid 60's to the mid 50's on Sunday. The wind also picked up to give the course a strong cross tail wind, which made progress to the start a bit dicey. Chris finished in 13th place with a time of 19:53.8 in a field of 17 scullers.

SARA Men's Master 4x: Rathburn, A. Marcovy, T. Marcovy & Brubaker

Alumni were also in action at the race with SARA racing a men's master quad on Saturday morning. The line-up of Doug Rathburn (s), Aaron Marcovy (3), Tim Marcovy (2) and Doug Brubaker (b) dusted off the SARA racing shirts (cotton in a rain storm = not a great idea) to finish in 11th out of 14 crews. Most importantly they beat the alumni entry from WashU. Doug also raced in the master single event on Sunday placing 10th out of 16 scullers.

Race results for the Head of the Hooch can be found HERE.

2015 Head of the Hooch Photo Gallery

Women's Varsity 4+ Finish Strong in Boston; Qualify for Next Year!

October 17, 2015: The Case Crew women's varsity four headed to Boston for the 51st Head of the Charles Regatta. The world's largest regatta hosted over 10,000 athletes over two days on the Charles River. The women's four of Steph Merlino, Abby Sevier, Colleen Kennedy and Hannah Olson-Williams with Masato Miyagi coxing finished in 31st place out of 63 finishers. The position re-qualified the boat for next year's regatta. This performance was the first ever re-qualification for a Case team boats in team history!

Charles Qualifiers: Merlino, Sevier, Kennedy, Olson-Williams and Miyagi with Coach Rachel Stanley

The crew were not lucky with the bow draw. They drew number 64, or last in the line of Women's Club Fours. In order to qualify they would have to battle through the best clubs and colleges in the country. There are conflicting reports on how many crews our ladies actually passed, but they were many. The men's club 8+ event started right after them after a short pause, and no men's crews were able to catch our crew!

Cold and blustery conditions proved difficult for many crews. White caps were reported in the Charles River Basin where the race starts. Stiff head winds battered against the crews for most of the course leading to unusually slow times across the board. Temperatures were on the edge of comfort hovering in the 40's for most of the day.

By finishing in the top half of the field, Case is guaranteed an entry in the event for the 2016 regatta. On their way to the top tier finish, we beat a number of marquee crews including Princeton (!), Bryn Mawr, Penn State, Rutgers, Vanderbilt and RPI to name a few. Great job ladies!

Race results for the Head of the Charles can be found HERE.

2015 Head of the Charles Photo Gallery

Strong Showing at the Head of the Grand in Lansing, MI

Case Crew traveled to Lansing, Michigan for the third year in a row to test their mettle against the strong programs based in Michigan. The race, hosted by Michigan State, is an informal head race on the Grand River covering 3,300m. The Sunday event hosted only collegiate crews and both the men's and women's team placed 4th overall in points behind the likes of Grand Valley, Michigan State, Notre Dame (men) and Eastern Michigan (women).

Grand 2015Novice women heading to the water.

The performance versus last year shows the progress the team has made. In the women's varsity 4+ event CWRU's "A" entry was 2:08.5 off of the gold medal time (GMT) in 2014, while in 2015 they were off 0:57 off the pace with the JV 4+ 1:22.0 off of the GMT. In the 2014 MV8+ CWRU was off the mark by 1:12.8, and in 2015 were 0:46.0 behind and the JV 8+ were 1:47.0 off the winners. In 2015 the team fielded double the number of crews as well!

In the women's varsity 8+, Case finished behind both Michigan State entries and Eastern Michigan's "A" entry -- both varsity status programs. They also were beaten by Grand Valley's "A" entry by 25 seconds to finish in 5th out of nine entries. In the women's novice 8+ it was all Eastern Michigan and Grand Valley boats with Case tying with two GVSU entries for third place out of 8 crews.

As mentioned above the Men's Varsity 8+ improved greatly over last year's row. They took 4th overall behind Grand Valley and two Notre Dame crews. However, of note is the team beat both entries from Michigan State, which we believe this is the first time ever for our program! The men's novice 8+ finished in the middle of the pack against a number of larger program entries. The men's varsity 4+ had a good race finishing 4th in the pack of large schools and far ahead of the smaller schools entered.

Grad student Doug Brubaker brought his single along and raced an exhibition against eight pairs to finish 7th!

We cannot stress the progress the team is making. In the overall team point category, both squads finished fourth behind the larger schools with Case finishing with double digit points finishing in the mix within all races. Take a look at the results for yourself below...

Click here for complete race results.

2015 Head of the Grand Photo Gallery

Medals for Varsity Women and Novice Men in Rochester

October 3, 2015: Case Crew passed on the Head of the Ohio for the first time since 1993 seeking tough Division III competition in Rochester, New York at the Head of the Genesee. The competition on offer, regatta organization and recent weather in Pittsburgh prompted the move to Rochester. The two-day Head of the Genesee plays host to most of the upstate New York teams - both club and varsity sponsored programs -- and the Saturday events are college only. The Case women's four of Steph Merlino (s), Abby Sevier (3), Colleen Kennedy (2), Hannah Olson-Williams (b) and Masato Miyagi (c) walked away with the Margaret Bodenstedt Cup for open fours. The Novice squad also posted solid results finishing with silver in the men's eight and fourth in the women's eight. The men's varsity eight finished in the middle of the pack behind mostly varsity programs and just off the heels of UAA rival Rochester -- closer than a Case men's 8 has ever been to Rochester.

Merlino, Sevier, Miyagi, Kennedy and Olson-Williams with the Margaret Bodenstedt Cup for Open Fours

As the east coast was being battered by a tropical storm, wind and rain forced the postponement of the event. The organizers eventually re-grouped and instead of holding the 4,000m event on the Genesee River moved it over to the Erie Canal. The dead straight, two-boat wide Erie Canal served Case well for racing and putting down fast times.

Case entered two women's fours into the open event. And as noted before took home the Cup while the JV squad took 10th overall out of 14 crews. Overall there were nine varsity crews in the event with our JV crew beating three. The regatta typically plays host to a handful of Division I schools that were not in attendance this year. Take a look at the names of the previous cup winners in the gallery: Cornell, Syracuse, Brock, McGill, etc. During the awards ceremony the announcer was pleasantly surprised to be handing the cup to regatta newcomer CWRU!

The men's novice squad fielded two crews and the coaching staff split experienced rowers with true novices. The crews finished second and seventh out of nine crews claiming the second medal for Case. The boys are eager to see how they hold up against the Michigan teams at the Head of the Grand next weekend.

All smiles from the men's novice 8+ with their Head of the Genesee silver medals!

The women's novice squad finished 30 seconds out of the medals in fourth out of 11 crews. DIII Varsity powerhouses Ithaca and Rochester took the top two spots with club team SUNY Geneseo claim the bronze. Behind the Spartans were four other varsity squads from RIT A & B, William Smith and Rochester B.

Click here for complete race results.

2015 Head of the Genesee Photo Gallery

Case Crew Alumnus Honored by Case Alumni Association

Case Crew alumnus Ram Fish '95, MS '95 has been honored with the Meritorious Service Award by the Case Alumni Association (CAA). All of the 2015 alumni award winners will be honored on campus during homecoming weekend October 8-11.

Fish 2015

The CAA citation reads:

After completing both his bachelor's and master's degree in computer engineering at the Case School of Engineering, Fish received an MBA from Yale University's School of Management in 2001. With more than 20 years experience in developing products, Fish has become a true leader in his field. Previously, Fish worked for Apple and Nokia and founded two successful startups, BlueLibris and Fonav.

In his role at Samsung Electronics, Fish was responsible for driving new initiatives focused on disruptive technologies and platforms for the health and wellness market, including wearable technology.

Ram is still an active rower when time permits at the Bair Island Aquatic Center in Silicon Valley. He has extended an open invitation to alums wishing to row if ever in town. He went out for a practice with the varsity men and you can see the photos here.

Students Claim Cuyahoga Medals in Every Event; Alumni Not-so-much

September 19, 2015: Case Crew fielded 11 crews across 8 events and took home hardware in all eight events at the 20th running of the Head of the Cuyahoga (HOTC). Every member of the team, varsity and novice, raced collegiate teams from Marietta College, Ohio University, Miami University, and the University of Toledo along with the other Cleveland home schools John Carroll University, and Cleveland State University. The weather threatened thunderstorms all day and wind blew steadily from the south giving a push to crews down the first main straight to Marathon Bend and then to Tower City. Most of the students raced the course twice resulting in a 20km day.

Alumni Men's 8+ at the 2015 Head of the Cuyahoga
L-R: McCormick, Juengling, Pfahl, Krofcheck, Uber, Bachmann, Brubaker, Rathburn and Monroe (cox)

The Spartan Alumni Rowing Association was in force and entered the Masters Men's 8+ and 4+ events. The alums put on a brave performance, but a lack of performance and age handicap saw both crews finish well down the pack. However, there were lots of smiles and delusions that they would be faster next year. The eight was made up of a mix of alumni along with inactive & active rowers while the four of Uber, Rathburn, Krofcheck and Bachmann did not go faster due to their all-alumni status.

On the women's side, a brewing rivalry is being formed between Case and Miami of Ohio. The teams met up last spring over 2000m on Aurora Lake and Miami got the best of the Spartans in the big boats. Miami came north for the HOTC and took the Open 8+ gold over Case who were 9 seconds off the pace. In the varsity 4+ Case lost out to last year's event winners from Upper Arlington by 50 seconds for silver.

Most of the novice women's squad picked up an oar three weeks ago and did not quite have enough juice to keep up with the Cleveland State squad filled with mostly novices from the spring. The novice women's 8+ took silver ahead of Westerville RC, but were still over 1.5 minutes off the CSU pace. In the novice women's 4+ Case took third behind Cleveland State and Greater Columbus Rowing Association.

The Men's squad faced off against Marietta College, a varsity program, in the V8 and V4. Case fielded one 8 and Marietta brought their varsity and JV crews. Case drew bow number 1 and held off Marietta's V8 all the way to Collision Bend, but a wide course around the turn brought the crews level. The SARA 8 was in position to watch the crews race to the old boathouse, but Marietta was just too strong and passed Case under Carter Road. The final verdict had Case just under a minute off the winning pace and ahead of the Marietta JV 8+ by over a minute.

Cuyahoga 2015
Women's JV 4+
Kus (b), Powell (2), Schnittman (3), Karabinus (s), Kabins (c)

In the men's varsity 4+ a similar result was in the cards with the Case top four of Holdren, Cronin, Liam Hoye and Ryu taking silver in between the varsity and JV crews from Marietta. Case's JV four finished in 7th place ahead of crews from Cleveland State, Orchard Lake, Miami, Ohio and John Carroll.

Engine Room of the Case Men's Varsity 8+
L-R: Fakult, Hausladen, Cronin, Hoye, Ryu, Holdren and Kabins (cox)

The men's frosh/novice recruiting class was fill with rowers that had experience in high school. The experience showed in the novice 8's and fours. Case fielded two novice 8's with the more experienced crew winning over John Carroll and the three-weeks-into-the-sport novices finishing behind JCU in third. The lone novice 4+ entry also on their event ahead of crews from Cleveland State, Ohio University and a high school composite crew from Pittsburgh.

A number of current CWRU grad students also entered a handful of small boat events with James Wehn taking gold in the Masters C 1x and Doug Brubaker placing 2nd in the Open 1x. In the women's open pair former U. Chicago rower Aurelie Merlo and Christina Liu formerly of Emory placed a respectable fourth in the event. The duo try to squeeze in a few outings between medical and graduate school commitments and are extremely appreciative of the team and SARA equipment.

Current and former coaches also got into the act. Assistant Coach Bob Gannon and former head coach Patty Wolford raced the mixed double for WRRA. Assistant Coach Tim Marcovy was also spotted in a couple WRRA shells throughout the day.

Cuyahoga 2015
Rathburn '97 & Vroege '17

At the conclusion of racing alumni, students and parents gathered to celebrate the addition of three(!) eights to the Spartan Navy. The shells were acquired by SARA from Ithaca College and Cornell University this summer and have been put into daily use by the crew since classes started. SARA acquired a 2007 Pocock lightweight 8+ for the women's team and two matching 1999 heavyweight Resolute eights for the men's team.

SARA provided the funds and a number of alumni and parents stepped up to defray some of the costs. The women's eight was sponsored by team founder Tom Hudak '92 and named after his wife. Tom wasn't in attendance so we did not officially christen this shell and will wait until he is in town next spring. Seven of the seats in the women's eight were ultimately sponsored by parents and alumni.

The Resolute 8's were also both sponsored and both were christened at the event. The family of current rower Lucas Vroege '17 dedicated the "Don McGrath" who was Lucas' grandfather. Doug Rathburn '97 provided the funded to name the second eight the "Alumni Victorius". You can see photos of the christening here.

Thanks to everyone that came to the race, braved the weather and provided for a wonderful christening ceremony!

Click here for complete race results.

2015 Head of the Cuyahoga Photo Gallery

Holdren & Brown Third at ACRA National Championships!

May 23-24, 2015: Three rowers from Case headed south to compete in the American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA) national championship regatta. Recent grads Matt Holdren and Gavin Brown raced the men's pair event and Chris Ryu raced the men's single. The race held in Gainesville, Georgia is the national championship for club level rowing programs. The Lake Lanier venue hosted the 1996 Olympic Regatta, and the weekend race was lucky with great weather for all races.

This year was the third time Case sent rowers to the championship, and this year's group held up the tradition of bringing home hardware! The men's pair brought home the bronze medal finishing behind crews - both Dad Vail finalists - from High Point and UConn. Chris Ryu finished the regatta taking 2nd in the third level final ahead of nine other scullers. Previous ACRA regattas saw Patrick DelBarba '14 win the men's single in both 2012 and 2013 and Mallory Miller '13 took bronze in the single in 2013.

In the Saturday heats the men's pair took second behind Vail silver medalists High Point to advance directly to the Sunday final. Chris finished fourth in his heat and advanced to the Saturday afternoon repechage race. The Lake Lanier course affords organizers 8 lanes of racing, and the organizing committee uses all lanes for semis and finals. In the rep Chris had to finish in the top two to make the semi. Unfortunately, he finished third by 0.6 seconds behind the University of Illinois sculler to advance to the third level final on Sunday.

ACRA 2015
ACRA Bronze Medalists Holdren & Brown

The 8-boat final of the men's pair saw the top three crews separate themselves from the pack down the 2,000m buoyed course. Coming into the last 300 meters, Case was in the hunt, battling High Point and the University of Connecticut, ultimately succumbing to a staggering sprint by UConn to take third. Matt and Gavin gave it everything and were extremely pleased with their result.

Third year Chris Ryu in the single at the 2015 ACRA National Championships

The speed in the small boats is amazing given the fact they none of the three really trained for the regatta in these combinations. Following Coach Aaron Marcovy's program this spring the team prioritized the 8+, and very little work was done in small boats. Chris was only in the single a few times before the regatta. Matt and Gavin had done some pair work during their 4-year Case career, but were rusty coming into the race. The top two crews prioritized those line ups all season, which puts into perspective the base speed the team had this spring.

Go Spartans!

Click here for complete race results.

2015 ACRA National Championship Regatta Photo Gallery

Case Crew Culminates Year at Dad Vails

May 8, 2015: Case Crew took its largest ever squad to the Dad Vail Regatta by boating a men's varsity eight and four along with a women's varsity four and novice eight. The crews faced challenging heats and all but the MV8+ were eliminated at the first stage of racing. The coaches prioritized the MV8 this year and were still able to advance to the repechage on Friday afternoon.

The men's varsity 8+ of Philip Smith (b), Matt Hausladen (2), Chris Ryu (3), Luke Fakult (4), Matt Holdren (5), Liam Hoye (6), Gavin Brown (7), Jack English (s) with Liana Kabins coxing drew Michigan, Bucknell and Marietta in their heat. All three crews are perennial Vails finalists and the men couldn't quite hang onto their sterns. Confidence was bred by the fact that DePaul was also in the heat and Case had beaten them soundly two weeks prior at MACRAs. Michigan and Bucknell claimed took the top two spots and advanced directly to the semi. Marietta and Case both finished ahead of DePaul and would get a chance in the Repechage later in the afternoon. DePaul was eliminated.


Men's Varsity 8+ charging down the course at the 1500m mark.

The weather was beautiful all day with temperatures starting in the 70's in the morning and rising to the mid 80's in the afternoon. Wind was negligible before lunch and picked up to a light headwind for afternoon racing. The men's 8+ afternoon race included some titans of Vails-caliber rowing. St. Joseph's, Cincinnati, Minnesota and Georgia Tech all showed excellent form pushing Case back to fifth place in the rep. Finishing in sixth was a crew from SUNY Binghamton. The men's squad graduates two seniors this year, Gavin Brown & Matt Holdren, and this year's experience left the younger rowers excited for next year.

Women's Varsity 4+: Merlino (s), Sevier (3), Kennedy (2), Olson-Williams (b) & Zuccala (c).

On the women's side the charge was led by the varsity four of Steph Merlino (s), Abby Sevier (3), Colleen Kennedy (2), and Hannah Olson-Williams (b) with Josh Zuccala coxing. The crew faced three varsity status programs in their heat and were beaten by two: George Mason and St. Joseph's. With only two advancing to the semi-finals it was little consolation they beat the varsity squad from Fordham and club from Georgia Tech. The women were in second place for the majority of the distance, but St. Joe was able to out-sprint our ladies at the line.

WN8+: Schnittman (s), Powell (7), Karabinus (6), Monroe (5), Kus (4), Freed (3), Asjes (2), Tobin (b) & O'Shea (c).

Prior to this year Case had only ever fielded one 8+ at Vails, and that was a novice women's crew in 2013. This year's edition of the women's eight had to race three varsity women's squads in the 3-to-the-semi format. The crew looked great storming down the course, but unfortunately could not hang onto the pack and finished in fifth place. It is a young, talented crew and within the boat were a couple spring novices. There was talk of excitement after the racing and a desire to field a strong varsity 8+ next year.

Men's Varsity 4+: Vroege (s), Cronin (3), Evans (2), Miyagi (b) & O'Shea (c).

Seat racing for the final line ups and final seat in the 4+ lasted up until almost race day. The men's squad is fast and deep this year. In the men's varsity 4+ heat Case drew three varsity status programs and finished fourth. The crew had good, flat morning conditions, but the crew of Lucas Vroege (s), Kevin Cronin (3), Andrew Evans (2), Masato Miyagi (b) with Kathleen O'Shea coxing just could not hang onto the speed of the leaders from St. Joes, Colgate and St. John Fisher.

This year the local alumni chapter and the university alumni office sponsored a tent. Nearly 50 alumni and parents pre-registered and most attended either Friday or Saturday. The event even drew a contingent of area alums with no tie to the sport, but wanted to come down and meet some current students. The tent was located at the 1500m mark and was the perfect place to watch the racing. It did not hurt that the school provided some nice food, which the students appreciated most of all!

There was a lot of excitement about Case students racing in Philly. The all day, outdoor event provide ample opportunities for alumni and students to mingle, which apparently is difficult to coordinate with other sports. The local alums and the university alumni coordinators (shout out Molly Bauer and Tara Davis) that came were enthusiastic about the event and hope to build a new tradition. We'd like to thank Kathy Ehlert, the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter Lead, for pushing to support the regatta and hopefully make an alumni tent an annual reality!

Click here for complete race results.

2015 Dad Vail Regatta Photo Gallery

Alumni, Students and Parents

Working Out the Kinks and Showing Speed at MACRA's

April 25, 2015: The MACRA regatta pulls in big club programs and small varsity programs from all over the Midwest for a day of heats and finals. Winners of the MACRA events are typically strong medal contenders for Vails medals two weeks later. Case Crew brought their Vails contingent to the race to test their mettle. The team had mixed results with one boat in the Grand Final, one in a Petit Final and two others eliminated during the heats.

The temperature was in the 50's, but it was very blustery throughout the day. A stiff cross head wind made conditions down the 2000m buoyed course a bit dicey -- especially the first 1000m. The regatta had stake boats available, but many races were run with floating starts with a "close enough" attitude. The two Case boats eliminated during the heats were still in the process of sculling to get a point when the starter gave the "Attention" command.

The coaches prioritized the line ups for both the Men's Varsity 8+ and Women's Varsity 4+ with both boats advancing to afternoon racing. In the WV4+ the crew came second to Northwestern to advance. Then in the Grand Final they could not hang onto the medaling crews from Mercyhurst, U. Chicago and Grand Valley.

MACRA 2015
WV4+ of Merlino, Sevier, Kennedy, Olson-Williams and Zuccala (cox) in the Grand Final.

In the MV8+ the start of their heat was streaking fast with the crew out in front of the field until the 1000m mark. The crew held the outermost lane assignment and they clipped the 1000m marker buoy and could never re-gain their base speed to finish in third behind Mercyhurst and Notre Dame. Mercyhurst has a varsity-status men's team and Notre Dame is a club juggernaut, and to say Case showed some speed is an understatement. In the Petit final they finished 3rd behind Michigan State and Illinois. Informed observers think this is the fastest men's 8+ Case has ever fielded.

In the women's novice 8+ finished at the back of the pack facing tough crews from Marquette, DePaul and Miami. The same Miami crew that had their number at the Aurora Lake Sprints. However, Case closed the gap from the previous meeting by 22 seconds. As mentioned before the crew was aligning when the start gave the starting sequence. A few of the crew only started rowing after winter break, so the race experience proved valuable in the lead up to Vails.

In the men's varsity 4+ the start, conditions, and new line up all played their parts for a 6th of 7 finish. A murderer's row of club programs were entered in their heat, and the crew did not have the base speed to match qualifiers from Michigan State and Michigan.

MACRA's pits the team up against the fastest crews in the Midwest, and there were some real bright spots for the team to hang their hats on. No single race was executed perfectly, and the weather played a role too. So there is more speed to be found in the next two weeks before Vails. The team and coaches are looking to end the season with a bang in Philly!

Race results for the 2015 MACRA Regatta can be found HERE.

2015 MACRA Regatta Photo Gallery

Case Crew Alumni Descend Upon Cleveland, Win Everything

April 18, 2015: Over twenty Case alumni, parents and friends participated in the festivities associated with alumni regatta day. The day consisted of some racing, being address by an Olympic gold medalist, the SARA Annual General Meeting and an alumni dinner. The weather cooperated, and it was a wonderful day all around. Thanks to those that came!

The morning started with the usual gathering where SARA reps talked a bit about the organization, and alumni introduce themselves to the rowers. This year's event was a bit poignant with SARA president Doug Rathburn presenting Patty Klika, the widow of Ken, with his 2015 JVTC 200km hat. SARA members pulled a total of 279,594 meters to remember former team faculty advisor Ken Klika who was a stalwart of our JVTC teams.

After the morning get together and introductions, it was time to race! Up first was the mixed 8+. The alumni crew of Nate Uber (cox), Doug Rathburn (s), Meg Grady (7), Tom Attenweiler (6), Jeff Chin (5), Doug Brubaker (4), Mike Krofcheck (3), Laura Kruse (2) and Caitlin Bowerman (b) took the students "by a deck" according to head coach Aaron Marcovy *. The racing started just below the Center Street swing bridge and concluded in front of the boathouse - a lung burning 700 meters. The student crew was Liana Kabins (cox), Gavin Brown (s), Matt Holdren (7), Abby Sevier (6), Steph Merlino (5), Andrew Evans (4), Liam Hoye (3), Emily Schnittman (2) and Elizabeth Tobin (b).

Alumni 2015
The alumni mixed 8+ solidly in the lead coming under Center Street.

It was decided to allow the alums to revel in their victory and only contest one race. A perfect 1-0 in 2015! More importantly, the early end allowed everyone to meet and hear from 3-time Olympic gold medalist Mary Whipple. She was in town to provide a coxswain clinic, and we borrowed her for nearly half an hour. She imparted some words of wisdom about commitment and racing, and then she was available to field questions.

Next followed the SARA AGM. The AGM is where the SARA officers detail the events of the previous year and the membership elects the board for the coming year. You can read minutes of the meeting here.

In the evening everyone, plus some not there in the morning, met up at the Flat Iron Cafe for our second ever alumni dinner. The agenda consisted of a video and presentation given by the Head Coach Aaron Marcovy. After some student speeches it was Doug's turn to provide some highlights about SARA's year. You can view that presentation here. New this year was the presentation by the alumni of the Spartan of the Year award given to a student who exemplifies the best attributes of a student athlete, but also is mindful and supportive of the alumni. This year we gave the award to both Abby Sevier and Steph Merlino.

Thank you to everyone that made an effort to participate in the day. Next year is the team's 25th anniversary and we are planning a few special items for next year's alumni regatta. This will include a special dinner and the presentation of the team's history being compiled and edited by Tim Marcovy and Meg Grady. So please consider coming next year!

* Coach's decision was final. No quibble over the details of a favorable start, an alumni mixed 8+ with five men and the student 8+ all switching sides...

Race "results" for the 2015 Alumni Regatta can be found HERE.

2015 Alumni Regatta Photo Gallery

New Venue & Solid Results in Aurora, Ohio

April 11, 2015: Case Crew hosted a scrimmage on Aurora Lake in Aurora, Ohio against Miami University (Ohio), University at Buffalo Men and the men from Ohio University. Ten races were held with Case entering nine and ultimately winning six. The weather was in the 50's and sunny with a gusting quarter head wind. The lake is fairly sheltered and offers an almost perfect 2000m racing experience.

Over the course of the day many athletes rowed two or even three times. The varsity women won the varsity four and novice four while dropping both the varsity and novice eights to Miami. The varsity four won by nearly a minute, and Case had two boats in the novice four event with both boats beating Miami. There were no medals for such an informal race so the coaches resurrected the tradition of betting shirts.

Aurora Lake 2015
WV4+ with their winner's shirts!

On the men's side they won every race bar the last race of the day - the varsity 8. While not winning the penultimate race put a small damper on the day, it was in the context that for Buffalo it was their squad's only race and our men had one or two races in their legs before the eight. The V8 took third behind Buffalo and Miami, but ahead of Ohio.

Aurora Lake 2015
Men's Varsity 4+ warming up before their win against Buffalo, Miami and OhioU.

The men's second varsity 8+ won against Buffalo in commanding fashion. The seven second margin does not signify how much in control of the race the men were. Then in the varsity 4+ the crew got off to a slow start and were in third place but ended up winning by open water and 9 seconds against the three other schools. In the novice 4+ it was a similar story with a slow start and commanding 10 second win. The men's pair featured boats from Case and Buffalo, and for all four guys it was their first time in a boat all spring. The Case crew of Matt Holdren and Gavin Brown held it together much better and walked away from the Buffalo pair by nearly a minute.

Aurora Lake 2015
Men's 2nd Varsity 8+ looking solid in their win over Buffalo.

The coaches and SARA would like to thank The Aurora Lake Association for their hospitality. Aurora Lake is private and governed by the association. They installed a sock early for us and provided use of a pontoon boat as well as a couple helpers. To anyone's knowledge this was the first ever rowing event held on the lake, and we suspect we will be back. The 2km course runs roughly north-south and even though it was a bit gusty Saturday the conditions never approached being unrowable. The site has the potential to hold small dual and double-dual races as Case's home course for years to come.

Race results for the Aurora Lake Sprints can be found HERE.

2015 Aurora Lake Sprints Photo Gallery

Case Crew Holds Onto Cleveland Cup for 4th Straight Year!

Home Schools 2015

March 21, 2015: Case Crew continued to dominate the local Cleveland competition during the 13th annual Cleveland Regatta. The team held onto the cup for the fourth year in a row and for the seventh time in cup history. The event formerly known at the Home Schools is an early spring scrimmage between Case, John Carroll and Cleveland State on the Cuyahoga River.

The event format has team race a 3-boat ~700m heat with the top two boats then racing a 1700m final. The winner of the final gains one point for their team toward the cup. Five finals were contested this year with three of those events having heats. Case won three of the finals and came second in the women's novice 4+. Winning the majority of the finals brought the cup home for one more year! The team did not field a varsity women's 4+, which accounted for the fifth final.

The men's fours dominated their cross town rivals. The novice four took CSU by 30 seconds. This year Case was only team with numbers to field an eight so for the Home Schools the boat broke into two fours and knocked JCU out of the varsity 4+ heat. It was then a CWRU vs. CWRU final, the stern 4 ultimately besting the bow 4 by 14 seconds.

The women's team put in a strong showing with the novice 8+ taking the final by 14 seconds. The coaches decided to make the women's novice 4+ a 3-boat final due to freighter traffic. A battle to the bitter end, the Spartan novice women, in their second race of the day, experienced three boat-stopping crabs, dropping from 1st place to 3rd place three times, and running out of race course in their final push, ending up bow-over-stern against CSU's NW4+.

Race results for the Cleveland Collegiate Regatta can be found HERE.

2015 Cleveland Collegiate Regatta Photo Gallery

Putting in the Work During Spring Break in Florida

March 6-14, 2015: Case Crew headed south to Canal C-54 near Fellsmere, Florida for their annual spring break. The canal is the spring break home of Columbia University and a number of other northern teams. It is also the home race course for Florida Tech, and in general, a beautiful waterway for rowing offering many kilometers of protected, straight rowing.

Spring Break 2015
Case Men's 8+ at daybreak on canal C-54 near Fellsmere, Florida.

Case did not scrimmage any other teams while in Florida but put in 30-40km per day and 3-4 sessions per day including land work outs. The coaches reported a highlight of the MV8+ breaking 7 minutes into a 9mph headwind for a 2km piece! Rower Stephanie Merlino's grandparents live nearby and hosted the team for a dinner one evening as well. All in all it sounded like a great trip for the team.

2015 Spring Break Photo Gallery

Case Crew Dominates the Hammer

February 15, 2015: Case Crew went into the 26th edition of the Hammer Ergatta confident of their fitness. The professional training regimen instituted by Head Coach Aaron Marcovy has allowed many of the team members to reach personal best this winter. As a result of this training, the team took top honors in the Open Women & Men, Novice Men, Lightweight Women & Men, and the Men's Relay events. This year's results were some of the most dominant ever in the team's history and the team cruised easily home with the Hammer Cup against Cleveland State and John Carroll. This year marked the twenty-first year contesting the cup and Case leads the series with eleven wins to JCU's 8 and CSU's 2 wins.

This year's event was held in Horsburgh Gymnasium in the Veale Athletic Center on Case's campus - the first time for the event in the main basketball gym. The organizers also brought back actual hammers instead of medals for the winners this year. Another first was the Sledgehammer competition for overall team point champion, which went to Shaker Heights High School. Case Crew came in 4th place overall behind three high schools, but as mentioned before came tops of the local colleges for the Hammer Cup.

The men's led the way in terms speed and depth. The varsity men took the top five places and the novice men took the top three in their respective events. On the men's side a total of nine athletes broke 7 minutes for the 2000m race! A quick glance through 20 years of results will show the team has never been this fast at the Hammer.

wish list
Liam Hoye, with Maya Monroe coxing, pulling a 6:27.4 to win the Hammer

The women also showed speed with Colleen Kennedy taking the Open Women event with a time just under eight minutes. Mallory Miller also broke the eight minute barrier by nearly 8 seconds to take the hammer in the Lightweight event. The top novice finisher was Grace Karabinus with a 5th place finish.

Race results for the Hammer Ergatta can be found HERE.

2015 Hammer Ergatta Photo Gallery

It's Time for the January Virtual Team Challenge!

  Rower Meters
1 Thomas Schwertner 603,908
2 Patrick DelBarba 298,393
3 Tom Hudak 247,500
4 Dan Bachmann 243,226
5 Gavin Brown 230,345
6 Martin Matsumura 212,230
7 Carol Brubaker 206,118
8 Doug Rathburn 203,272
9 Mallory Miller 203,019
10 Doug Brubaker 200,001
11 Evan Halprin 174,000
12 Masato Miyagi 167,121
13 Brian Chorney 143,026
14 Jason Kampmeyer 123,181
15 Eileen Gordon 121,958
16 Jennifer Lohmeier 115,291
17 Gary Clark 114,434
18 Rachel Stanley 113,503
19 Jim Aker 112,855
20 Erynn Rathburn 112,565
21 Janet Clark 110,758
22 Tuck Pescosolido 106,440
23 Grace Karabinus 102,033
24 Cheryl Thompson 100,077
25 Angelo Quagliata 99,700
26 Andrew Evans 97,103
27 Chris Ryu 86,321
28 Katherine Allen 83,736
29 Kelli Anderson 71,550
30 Michael McCoy 54,054
31 Nina Ma 53,748
32 Abigail Sevier 52,000
33 David Simpson 43,805
34 Tom Attenweiler 42,538
35 Matt Holdren 38,238
36 Ram Fish 35,000
37 Tim Marcovy 34,754
38 Meg Grady 24,579
39 Meg Grow 16,897
40 Karla Rosenman 13,705
41 Lindsey Schilling 10,000
42 Heather Babish 8,550
43 Sophia Houghton 7,257
44 Eric Matyac 5,561
45 Mike Krofcheck 3,766
46 Jacob Moberg 2,000
Total Team Meters 5,250,116

Please consider our virtual team for this year's Concept 2 Virtual Team Challenge (VTC). We've had teams entered since 2010, and it's a good way to stay in shape in the winter and also try and beat our rivals from the University of Chicago.

Also as in past years we will have gifts for rowers that post meters at the 50km, 100km and 200km levels. The 200km level, in particular, is a custom embroidered Case Crew hat that is truly worth the effort! We will also be hosting a special event for our friend Ken Klika. He was a stalwart of our team for this challenge and will be missed this year.

To join the team follow the instruction on this page. Our team name is "Case Crew - Spartan Alumni". If you've competed in the past you must go into your logbook and "opt in" to the challenge.

Final Tally!!!
University of Chicago Crew - 5,797,832 meters
Case Crew - Spartan Alumni - 5,250,116 meters
Grand Valley Rowing Alumni - 2,595,828 meters
Fat Cats-Princeton Alums - 2,003,824 meters
U Chicago Alumni Crew - 1,895,908 meters

Pull for Ken meters: 279,594


Past Year's JVTC Results:
2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

CWRU Crew Fall 2014 Regatta Schedule

Below is the Case Crew fall 2014 racing schedule with links to the results and photos for each event. For a write up about each completed event continue to scroll down. If possible, please come and cheer the team on!

This year's alumni regatta will again be in April, and in conjunction with the event we will hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and dinner. The date is not quite set yet. If you would like to become a member of the SARA Board, take a leadership position, or vote on current business please come to or dial into the AGM.

Date: Event: Location: Results: Photos:
Sept 20 Head of the Cuyahoga Cleveland, OH - CRF Boathouse results photos
Oct 4 Head of the Ohio Pittsburgh, PA - Allegheny River results photos
Oct 12 Head of the Grand Lansing, MI - Grand River results photos
Oct 18-19 Head of the Charles Boston, MA - Charles River results photos
Oct 25-26 Head of the Schuylkill Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill River results photos
Nov 1-2 Head of the Hooch Chattanooga, TN - Tennessee River results photos


Weather Dominates the Story in Chattanooga

November 2, 2014: Case Crew's regatta schedule this fall meant to focus on the Head of the Ohio and the Head of the Hooch. However, the weather gods did not support that plan with most of the team's events at those races getting blown out by weather. The Hooch is one of the biggest races in the country and its southern Tennessee locale allows for a later race date and correspondingly longer training window for the team. It is a two-day race and Case had their women's club four and men's champ eight registered for racing that day. Weather prevented all Saturday racing to be cancelled leaving only the Sunday schedule.

Hooch 2014
Fourth year student Patrick DelBarba at the 2014 Head of the Hooch.
© row2k.com

The only two boats from Case had entered on Sunday were fourth year student Patrick DelBarba and alumna Mallory Miller '13 in their singles. Patrick sculled his way to 2nd place in the championship 1x event ahead of 27 other scullers. Mallory took third in the lightweight single behind scullers from Atlanta Rowing Club and Oklahoma City University.

Race results for the Head of the Hooch can be found HERE.

2014 Head of the Hooch Photo Gallery

Ken Klika, US Marine

Kenneth L. Klika MS'90 - 1945-2014

Ken Klika was called home to the Lord on October 31, 2014 after a brief illness. He was 69. Ken was the faculty advisor for the CWRU rowing team and also an avid rower himself. He was a retired professor emeritus from the University of Akron and was currently serving as an assistant dean in the College of Arts and Sciences and professor of civil engineering at CWRU.

Kenneth leaves behind his wife, Patricia Klika; and sons, Kenneth J. (Jennifer) and Kristopher; daughter, Kelly Klika and granddaughters, Kate and Jill.

Ken was an extremely proud ex-Marine and stayed in phenomenal shape. We "discovered" him via the Concept 2 online logbook, where he was toiling away for hundreds of thousands of meters on the erg. We convinced him to join our team for the 2012 January Virtual Team Challenge where he promptly dropped 352,451 meters on an unsuspecting team from U. Chicago.

The fairly fortuitous introduction to the Case Crew led Ken to join the team as part of the novice squad. He thoroughly enjoyed the on-the-water experience and won his first medal at Cincinnati's 2012 Head of the Hidden Dragon. He developed a strong bond with the student athletes and agreed to serve as faculty advisor for the team.

As a civil engineering professor he also began researching rowing tanks by traveling across the country to various boathouses. At the time of his passing he had in his back pocket designs from a student thesis he sponsored as professor and tank components in storage that he and SARA procured from Washington state. He was also actively campaigning for the university to house said tank on campus to benefit the student athletes he'd come to love.

Ken was a shining light of optimism and foresight. He came to the sport later in life, but you could see how it transformed him and those around him. He will be missed, and God bless.

Click here for Ken's obituary or PDF. The Case Daily also had a memorial to Ken (PDF). The Observer: html and pdf.

Doug Brubaker, Ken Klika & Patrick DelBarba with their medals at the 2012 Head of the Hidden Dragon

DelBarba & Kirkegaard Finish 4th in Champ 2x in Philly

October 25-26, 2014: Case Crew sculler Patrick DelBarba and former Case Crew strength and conditioning assistant coach KP Kirkegaard finish 4th in this year's championship double race at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta in Philadelphia. JP currently rows for the Vesper elite program and Patrick rows for them in the summer. This home course advantage proved beneficial to place so highly.

JP raced his single on Saturday and took 5th place in the Champ 1x event as well.

Race results for the Head of the Schuylkill can be found HERE.

2014 Head of the Schuylkill Photo Gallery

DelBarba Finished in Top 10 in Champ 1x in Boston

October 18, 2014: Case Crew sculler Patrick DelBarba finish 9th in this year's championship single race at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA. This finish improved on his 11th place finish last year to and qualified him for next year's race. This amazing result put him ahead of numerous current and former national team members. Patrick was 49 seconds off the winner and only 34 seconds off reigning Olympic champion Mahe Drysdale who finished fourth.

The team decided not to focus on this year's Charles due to the cost and logistics involved. Therefore, Patrick was the only Case Crew representative at this year's regatta. Former Case Crew strength and conditioning assistant coach KP Kirkegaard also race in the champ 1x and he finished 15th rowing for Vesper.

Race results for the Head of the Charles can be found HERE.

2014 Head of the Charles Photo Gallery

Grand Outing in Lansing for Case Crew

October 12, 2014: Case Crew brought the whole team to Lansing, Michigan to compete against the big club teams in the area. This year's event did not conflict with the Head of the Charles so many teams brought full contingents. The 3300 meter Grand River regatta course is relatively short for a fall race, and the nice weather made for some fast ratings and times.

HOT Grand 2014
Case Crew Women's Novice 4+ at the 2014 Head of the Grand
(c) J. Zuccala, (s) L. Fan, (3) E. Schnittman, (2) M. Kus, (b) A. Pomeroy

The regatta hosted most of the clubs from Michigan including U Michigan, Michigan State, Grand Valley & Michigan Tech along with Notre Dame. Stand out performances for Case came in the novice fours with the women taking 3rd and men taking fifth. The women's novice 8+ also took 4th in their race ahead of Grand Valley's "B" entry and Eastern Michigan.

The women's varsity 4+ and men's novice 8+ had rough goes finishing near the back of their fields. The unsung result of the day came in the men's varsity 8+ with Case finishing in 8th place. Watching them in person the crew showed poise and speed, and the middle of the pack finish was a solid result considering all the boats ahead of them will most likely contend Vails or ACRA national championship finals. In the history of Case Crew we can count on one hand when the team has been able to field an 8+ of men or women with this much speed.

HOT Grand 2014
Case Crew Men's Varsity 8+ at the 2014 Head of the Grand
(c) M. Miyagi, (s) J. English, (7) G. Brown, (6) L. Hoye, (5) P. Smith, (4) M. Hausladen, (3) C. Ryu, (2) L. Vroge, (b) L. Fakult

In the old man events Tim Marcovy LAW'77 and Doug Rathburn '97 joined forces to finish near the back in the master 2x. Then they jumped into singles where Doug took first and Tim took second. SARA Secretary Brian Chorney who lives in Michigan came down to the race to cheer the team on, but did not make it into a shell. He assured all attending he'd be fit by April for the alumni regatta!

Race results for the Head of the Grand can be found HERE.

2014 Head of the Grand Photo Gallery

Early Season Speed at the Head of the Cuyahoga

September 20, 2014: Case Crew competed in the 19th running of the Head of the Cuyahoga and showed significant early season speed. The team walked away from the regatta with medals in all but one event. Stand out performances occurred in the Men's Open 8+, Men's Novice 4+ and Men's Open 1x. A few alumni also took part with Mallory Miller taking 3rd in the Women's Open 1x and Doug Rathburn in the 1x and then in the 2x with Dan Bachmann.

Beautiful weather and a full 4.8km course greeted the rowers. With over 400 entries and 2000 competitors the event took on a festive atmosphere. The new CWRU athletic director, Amy Backus, also came down to the boathouse to meet the students and alumni. At the end of the day SARA christened a new Peinert heavyweight single that SARA donated to the team and the Spartan Navy.

The novice team had legitimate success at this year's regatta. The women's 8 and 4 consisted of newly minted team members and took 3rd and 1st in their events, respectively. The men's novice 4 consisted of guys that rowed in high school and destroyed their competition by over 1.5 minutes! The novice men's 8 was filled with truly novice rowers with only a handful of practices under their belt yet were still within 22 seconds of cross-town rivals from JCU.

The Case men took the Blue Riband event taking the Open 8 by over 30 seconds and in commanding form. There are high hopes for both the varsity men and women this year with many returning rowers this fall.

In the small boats Patrick DelBarba continued to excel with wins in the Open 1x and teaming up with a friend from Vesper to also win the Master 2x by nearly a minute.

sachem dedication
SARA VP Dan Bachmann christening the sachem

Alumni women raced in singles with Mallory Miller taking 3rd in the Open 1x and alumna and former Case Crew coach Nancy Richter winning the Master C 1x. On the men's side Dan Bachmann and Doug Rathburn teamed up to finish near the bottom in the Master 2x. With Dan sculling less than 10 times in his life any result was a result! Rounding out the results was Doug Rathburn in the Master 1x taking third. Tim Marcovy raced with WRRA in the men's master 8+ and finished 4th.

Men's Novice 8+ heading down to the dock for their event.

To continue the mission of providing world class equipment to the team, SARA unveiled a brand new replacement for the Capt. Rando. The Capt. Rando is a 1997 Peinert 26 heavyweight single that we sold and replaced with a brand new version of the same hull. The new boat was christened the sachem and is the perfect complement to the X25 lightweight Peinert we donated a couple years ago. During the short ceremony Dan and Doug said a few words about the shell and the purpose of SARA supporting the team.

Race results for the Head of the Cuyahoga (HOTC) can be found HERE.

2014 Head of the Cuyahoga Photo Gallery

Tons of Photos and Race Results

SARA Gallery

SARA is continuing to build a comprehensive database of old Case Crew photos and race results. We've reached almost 4,000 photos, but are constantly on the look out for more! If you have any photos or results to add please email Doug Rathburn. We'll even convert old negatives to digital, post them on the SARA web site and mail the negatives back to you. Click here for the SARA Photo Gallery or on the logo to the left to view the thousands of photos.

Also, if you have any paper copies of old race results we'd appreciate a copy. Click here for the SARA Race Result Archive to see past results and which ones are still needed. Thanks!





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