Case Crew Wish List - 2019

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This page contains the current wish list items for the team. As we all know the team cannot function without the support of alumni, parents and friends. From time to time the team needs certain items to keep functioning in tip-top shape.

This wish list was provided by the coaches with the intention of making a significant difference to what they want to accomplish this spring season. If you would like to contribute one of the item -- gaining a nice tax deduction at the same time -- please contact Doug Rathburn for more details.

We are always in need of larger gifts for the coaching endowment and replacing shells in our fleet, and those opportunities are listed near the bottom. However, the intent of this list is to also have a broad range of ideas across many price points for alumni, parents and friends to consider. Please consider a gift today!

This year we have a focus on news shoes for our 8's, a set of oars, spare parts for the shells, and some safety gear.

Thanks to our 2019 Wish List Donors:
Dan & Gina Bachmann
Lauren Boucher
Chris Bowley
Braunegg Family
Carlson Family
Angela & Chris Chatten
Steve Engelbrecht
Tom Hudak
John & Liz Judge
Norchi Family
Doug & Erynn Rathburn
Steve & Elaine Lee Wade
Barbara Wilson

Previous Season's Wish Lists: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

Items needed:

Quantity Needed:

Approximate Cost Per Item:

Miscellaneous Bits

Rowing Shoes

16 Pair
8 Pair Sponsored!

$534 for set of 8 pairs. $1,068 for 2 sets of 8 pairs including shipping

Croker Oar Set

All Sponsored!

M49 Arrow, ~2800g, 90% cross-layered carbon and 10% fiberglass
Individual oar sponsors will have their name place on the oar they sponsored!

Concept 2 Collars

All Sponsored!

$4.55 each

Concept 2 Handles


Verifying possibility to retrofit... stay tuned.

Stanley Upright Tool Box


Product link
We all know this is for Aaron!

Resolute Rudder/Fin Combo

All Sponsored!

$80 each

Resolute Rudder (old style)

All Sponsored!

$30 each

Pocock Fin


$41 each

Pocock Rudder


$47 each
Need two for the 8's and two for the fours.

Shell Wiring


$55 each
Cox Box Wiring Harness A - just the piece that attaches to the cox box itself

Oil Extractor Pump





16x20 Waterproof Tarp, Heavy Duty

Athlete Support

Clif Shot Bloks

5 boxes

$32 per box

Muscle Milk Collegiate

20 jars

$45 per jar

Blender Bottles


$7 each

Safety Equipment

Emergency Foil Mylar Thermal Blankets


$9 per 10-pack
Product link

PFD CO2 Cartridge

All Sponsored!

$13 each

Marine Radio


$105 each
Product link

Survival Suit


$279 each
One more size Large needed.
Product link

Put Your Name on Some Equipment!

Name a Shell


Have your name forever be remembered in Case Crew lore!

Annual Operating Cost Support

Assistant Coach Stipend


We have a group of very dedicated assistant coaches. We would like to honor their time with a stipend. Your kids go fast because of these people.

Annual Rack Rent & Insurance for One Shell


$500 each
This is the core of what we do. We provide premier rowing equipment to our student athletes, and they need to be stored and insured.

Spring Training Fund


Any amount.
Spring training trips are the norm, and very effective for building early season speed. Also, the team often scrimmages other teams during this week to build valuable racing experience. Gifts to this fund are an effective way for parents to help the team get to spring break and get some tax advantages at the same time!

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