Case Crew Wish List - 2015

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This page contains the current wish list items for the team. As we all know the team cannot function without the support of alumni, parents and friends. From time to time the team needs certain items to keep functioning in tip-top shape.

This wish list was provided by the coaches with the intention of making a significant difference to what they want to accomplish this spring season. If you would like to contribute one of the item -- gaining a nice tax deduction at the same time -- please contact Doug Rathburn for more details.

We are always in need of larger gifts for the coaching endowment and replacing shells in our fleet. However, the intent of this list is to also have a broad range of ideas across many price points for alumni, parents and friends to consider. Please consider a gift today!

Thanks to our 2015 Wish List Donors:
Dan Bachmann
Caitlin Bowerman
Carol Brubaker
Cindy Ching
Kate English
Meg Grady & Tom Attenweiler
Renee Graham
Evan Halprin
HB Juengling
Rachel & Vivian Liu
Doug & Erynn Rathburn
Stacie Ringleb
Kenneth Ward

Previous Wish Lists: 2014, 2013

Items needed:

Quantity Needed:

Approximate Cost Per Item:

Boat Straps

All Sponsored!

$7 each

10mm Wrenches

All Sponsored!

$8 each

7/16" Wrenches

All Sponsored!

$8 each

LED Shell Lights

All sponsored!

$10 per light
The rowing club is getting serious about having bright white lights on shells for safety reasons. These rechargeable LED camping lights work like a charm.

Clif Shot Bloks

5+ boxes
3 sponsored!

~$35-40 per box

Lactate Testing Kit

All sponsored!

Lactate Plus "Small Team Kit"
The coaches want to bring a bit more science into the training regimen. Elite training protocols rely on lactate testing and in a college environment also provides some education to the athletes about their body's reaction to physiological stress. Kit details here.

Lactate Testing Strips

3 boxes
All sponsored!

$46 per box
The main kit above comes with some strips. Let's stock the team up with enough strips for adequate testing throughout the season!

CWRU Crew Custom Wrist Bands

All sponsored!

~$1-2 each
Custom wrist sweat bands for the crew (and donors to this year's wish list if sponsored). The coaches want to build a little team spirit and also have something to hand out to prospects on campus.

Cox Survival Suit

1 sponsored!

$289 each
Let's help the team's coxswains stay warm and safe!

Croker Oars

All Sponsored!

$500 each
M2 soft shaft and Slick Cutaway blade with Veneer grips
The head coach would like to have a wider option of blades to choose from. One crew this past fall would have really benefited from this style of blade and we didn't have it available. Oar details here.

We are also providing a "sponsor one, get one" program where we'll give you an old, retired blade in return for full sponsorship of one of the new oars! Spoons cut off from the blade or cut in half with joint will be shipped free. We'll have to talk about logistics if you want the full length oar in one piece.

Annual Rack Rent & Insurance for One Shell

1 gift!

$400 each

Coach Endowment Contribution

1 gift!

Any amount.
We are actively trying to build up our coach endowment. Current fund is now about $60,000 and pays 5% of the principal to the team each year. This is also the only area where we can coordinate a company match.

Spring Training Fund

1 gift!

Any amount.
Spring training trips are the norm, and very effective for building early season speed. Also, the team often scrimmages other teams during this week to build valuable racing experience. Gifts to this fund are an effective way for parents to help the team get to spring break and get some tax advantages at the same time!

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