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Case Crew Article Archive

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PDF versions of recent newspaper articles are given in case the links ever get broken.

The Observer - March 21, 2021: Crew team positions itself for the fall semester (pdf)

The Observer - March 29, 2019: Madison Piccirillo: Third-year rower finds support in teammates (pdf)

The Observer - March 2, 2018: Zubair Mukhi: Why I choose to row (pdf)

Case Daily - March 4, 2016: CWRU Rowing Club has strong showing at the Hammer Ergatta (pdf)

The Observer - October 3, 2014: Cuyahoga River no match for Spartans (pdf)

Case Daily - May 13, 2014: Undergraduate wins university’s first gold medal at national rowing championships (pdf)

Philly.com - May 11, 2014: What's in a Name? (pdf)

CWRU Press Release - August 17, 2012: CWRU Announces First Paid Coaching Position for Case Crew (pdf)

Case Daily - June 1, 2012: 5 questions with… national champion rower Patrick DelBarba (pdf)

Case Daily - May 18, 2012: Paul Buchheit '98 Gives $50,000 to Launch Coaching Program for Crew (pdf)

Case Daily - March 23, 2012: Anna Czekaj '13 Profiled in the Daily (pdf)

Case Daily - March 1, 2012: Rowing Alumnus Paul Buchheit '98 to Give Commencement Address (pdf)

The Observer - October 21, 2011: Spartan Spotlight: Doug Brubaker

Case Daily - September 27, 2011: Head of the Cuyahoga Recap (pdf)

Case Daily - May 27, 2011: Case Crew Club pair makes history (pdf)

Fresh Water - March 24, 2011: Rowing on the Cuyahoga (pdf)

August 2010: Paul Buchheit '98 $100,000 Rivergate boathouse donation: CWRU Press Release, Case Daily, & The Observer

The Observer - March 26, 2010: Future is promising for new boathouse

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - February 5, 2010: Adam Wilson profiled by his hometown newspaper (pdf)

The Observer - January 22, 2010: Casino Row-yale: New casino to displace Case Crew

The Observer - September 25, 2009: Close wins on crooked river

The Observer - September 18, 2009: Club sports & news: Teams sweat off the field

The Observer - April 18, 2008: 2008 Alumni Regatta

The Observer - April 13, 2007: Spartan Spotlight: Brian Chorney '07

The Observer - March 30, 2007: Home Schools Regatta

The Observer - February 10, 2006: Crew Competition [Hammer Ergatta]

The Observer - September 23, 2005: Women's crew team cruises to victory down the Cuyahoga

Case Magazine - Spring 2004: Hammer Ergatta featuring Katherine Allen and Erin Brandt

Plain Dealer - September 23, 2003: Head of the Cuyahoga results

Plain Dealer - September 21, 2003: Head of the Cuyahoga picture with caption

Plain Dealer - September 20, 1997: Information about upcoming Head of the Cuyahoga featuring quotes from Tim Marcovy

The Observer - November 9, 1996 - Page 1 & Page2: Recap of the fall racing season

The Observer - September 20, 1996: 1996 pre-season information

Columbus Dispatch - May 7, 1995: Speakmon Regatta featuring quotes from Scott "Snake" Palucki and Tim Marcovy

The Observer - April 21, 1995: Dedication of the Leonard Case, Jr.

The Observer - November 18, 1994: Recap of the fall racing season

CWRU Campus News - April 28, 1994: Dedication of the Agnar Pytte

The Observer - April 22, 1994: Dedication of the Agnar Pytte

CWRU Magazine - August 1994: Dedication of the Agnar Pytte

The Observer - Spring 1994: [OpEd] Crew team feels they deserve varsity status

The Observer - October 1993: Crew club competes in two regattas, medals in one

CWRU Magazine - February 1992: Founding of Case Crew

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One would sometimes think, from the speech of young men, that things had changed recently, and that indifference was now the virtue to be cultivated. I have never heard anyone profess indifference to a boat race. Why should you row a boat race? Why endure long months of pain in preparation of a fierce half-hour, or even six minutes, that will leave you all but dead? Does anyone ask the question? Is there anyone who would not go through all its costs, and more, for the moment when anguish breaks into triumph, --or even for the glory of having nobly lost? Is life less than a boat race? If a man will give all the blood in his body to win the one, will he not spend all the might of his soul to prevail in the other?

- Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Yale Commencement, 1886





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