2010 Concept 2 January Virtual Team Challenge (VTC)

Location:   Global and Virtual
Date:   January 1-31, 2010
Host: Concept 2 Online Logbook
Distance:   As far as possible on Concept 2 rowing machines between January 1st and 31st!


  Rower Meters
1 Pete Whittaker 223,671
2 David Simpson 209,642
3 Doug Rathburn 205,965
4 Brian Chorney 200,000
5 Mark Schoenenberger 172,463
6 Craig Agricola 113,940
7 Erynn Rathburn 93,506
8 Tuck Pescosolido 90,682
9 Chris Pfahl 46,000
10 Chris Bowley 30,000
11 Patty Wolford 14,300
12 Sarah Rubin 12,738
Total 1,412,907

Twelve alumni pitched in to row 1,412,907 meters in the annual C2 January Virtual Team Challenge (JVTC). For the challenge rowers had to row as many meters as possible between January 1 and January 31 then log their daily meters using the Concept 2 Logbook. The results were then ranked against other teams. The SARA team finished in 82nd place out of 315 teams with each member averaging over 100,000m.

The SARA team also finished in second place amongst "School/University" designated teams and over 200km ahead our URA rivals from the University of Chicago. A little bit of trash talking between the Case and Chicago teams resulted in a few half marathons being pulled to extend the SARA lead.

Team Results: Team Total Meters # Rowers Avg. Meters/Rower
Case Crew - Spartan Alumni 1,412,907 13 117,742
U Chicago Alumni Crew 1,230,579 16 76,911


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