2017 Alumni Regatta Results

Location: Rivergate Boathouse - Cleveland, Ohio
Date: April 15, 2017
Course: ~600m from Nautica to Rivergate, floating start
Conditions:   Overcast with temps in the 60's, races against the current

All races were 600m dashes run as head-to-head, winner takes all races.

Case Crew Alumni Regatta 2017

Alumni men's 8+ at the 2017 Alumni Regatta.
Luke Fakult (b), Dan Bachmann (2), Brian Chorney (3), Chris Ryu (4), Doug Brubaker (5), Doug Rathburn (6), Lucas Vroege (7), Kevin Cronin (8), Natalie Scherner (cox)
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Race Results

No times were taken. Places listed for each event.

Men's 8+ Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Alumni Crew 8+ Kevin Cronin (s), Lucas Vroege (7), Doug Rathburn (6), Doug Brubaker (5), Chris Ryu (4), Brian Chorney (3), Dan Bachmann (2), Luke Fakult (b), Natalie Scherner (cox)
2nd - CWRU Men's 8+ Liam Hoye (s), Matt Hausladen (7), Ian Steiner (6), Ben Lindstrom (5), Ryan Norchi (4), Sean Mann (3), Will Warren (2), David Fulton (b), Elizabeth Tobin (cox)
Verdict: 1 length

Women's 4+ Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Alumni/Coach 4+ Steph Merlino (s), Abby Sevier (3), Colleen Kennedy (2), Rachel Stanley (b), Jess Mu (cox)
2nd - CWRU 4+ Anna Thompsen (s), Emily Schnittman (3), Sarah Carlson (2), Ingrid Iversen (b), Oona Haffey (cox)
Verdict: 1/2 length

Men's 4+ Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Case Men's 4+ Ian Steiner (s), Matt Hausladen (3), Ryan Norchi (2), Sean Mann (b) and Elizabeth Tobin (cox)
2nd - Alumni Men's 4+ Doug Rathburn (s), Brian Chorney (3), Dan Bachmann (2), Luke Fakult (b) and Jess Mu (cox)
Verdict: 1/2 length

Men's Pair and Double Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Men's Pair Liam Hoye (s), Kevin Cronin (b)
2nd - Men's Double Chris Ryu (s), Doug Brubaker (b)
Verdict: easily (exhibition)

Women's Pair Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Alumni Women Steph Merlino (s), Abby Sevier (b)
2nd - Case Women Anna Thompsen (s), Emily Schnittman (b)
Verdict: racing interrupted by learn-to-row


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