Donation of the "Stefan James"

Purchased through the generosity of Alumni & Friends, led by Dan Bachmann '97 MED'02 in tha fall of 2011.
Dan is a past president of Case Crew and is currently Vice President of SARA. His wife Gina is also an alumna of Case having graduated together with Dan from the Med school in 2002.


Coach Patty Introducing Dan
Head Coach Patty Wolford Travis blessed the shell and all who will row in her.

For thousands of years, we have gone to row and race. We have crafted vessels to swiftly carry us and we have called them by name. To them we toast, and ask all here to celebrate the Stefan James.

The moods of the river are many, from tranquil to violent. We ask that this shell be given the strength to carry on with speed in any weather. May all who row in her row with grace and skill.

Today we come to name the Stefan James, and send it to race, to be cared for, and to care for CWRU Crew. We ask the rowers of old and the mood of God that is the river to accept Stefan James as its name, to help it through its races, and allow it to return with its crew victorious.

To the Stefan James!!!


Dan Christening Bow
Dan Bachmann pouring champaign over the bow to christen the new shell in honor of his brother Stefan James.

Tim Marcovy
Coach Emeritus and SARA Board Member Tim Marcovy saying a few words about the importance of alumni support.

Bachmann Family
The Bachmann family with their newly christened shell.


Many thanks to the gracious alumni who donated to this effort, Coaches Patty Wolford Travis, Bob Gannon & Jim Mack and Case Crew thank you for your support!

Many more photos from the dedication can be found in the SARA Photo Gallery


The shell was the second donated as part of the Alumni Victorious Campaign. Below is a graphic that shows many of the other donors that made the shell possible:


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