2012 Concept 2 January Virtual Team Challenge (VTC)

Location:   Global and Virtual
Date:   January 1-31, 2012
Host: Concept 2 Online Logbook
Distance:   As far as possible on Concept 2 rowing machines between January 1st and 31st!


  Rower Meters
1 Ken Klika 352,451
2 Patrick DelBarba 256,001
3 Tom Hudak 250,035
4 Doug Rathburn 240,347
5 Brian DelBarba 234,769
6 Kelli Anderson 201,018
7 Evan Halprin 148,000
8 Mark Schoenenberger 122,179
9 Tuck Pescosolido 87,348
10 Erin Brandt 71,000
11 Katherine Allen 65,685
12 Brian Chorney 57,000
13 Caitlin Bowerman 53,480
14 Tim Marcovy 45,386
15 Chris Bowley 43,081
16 Erynn Rathburn 34,572
17 Meg Grow 25,870
18 Lauren Boucher 25,802
19 Ruth Dickey 25,700
20 Sarah Rubin 15,000
21 Gavin Brown 14,000
22 Matt Steadman 10,000
23 Fraser Hewson 9,000
Total Team Meters 2,387,724

February 3, 2012: Twenty-three alumni & friends pitched in to row 2,387,724 meters in the annual C2 January Virtual Team Challenge (JVTC). For the challenge rowers had to row as many meters as possible between January 1 and January 31 then log their daily meters using the Concept 2 Logbook. The results were then ranked against other teams. The SARA team finished in 47th place out of 330 teams with each member averaging over 100,000m! Thank you to everyone that participated.

This year marked the third time a concerted effort was made to log meters for this challenge and the third time we bested our URA rivals from the University of Chicago. We beat their alumni team, but were passed by the students (a separate ranking group) who pulled 100km more meters.

Leading the charge for SARA was CWRU Assistant Dean Ken Klika who took top honors with 352,451 meters! Family DelBarba (father Brian and son Patrick) also teamed up to pull a combined total of 490,770 meters. Six people broke the 200km mark and earned a free Case Crew hat (see below) – including the first ever alumna to break 200k for the challenge, Kelli Anderson.

Team Results: Team Total # Rowers Avg. Meters/Rower
University of Chicago Crew 2,488,254 meters 31 80,266
Case Crew - Spartan Alumni 2,387,724 meters 23 103,814
U Chicago Alumni Crew 1,560,121 meters 14 111,437


Past Year's JVTC Results:
2011, 2010

Free hat given to team members rowing more than 200,000 meters!


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