2010 USRowing National Selection Regatta I (NSR I)

Location:   Mercer Lake, New Jersey
Date:   April 23-24, 2010
Course:   Friday: 2km time trial; Saturday: 2km sprint race on Lake Mercer

The USRowing NSR I is the first of many steps to national team selection in 2010. For the men's and women's single sculls, the regatta serves as the first step towards making the 2010 Senior National Team that will represent the United States at the 2010 World Rowing Championships in Lake Karapiro, New Zealand. The winner of each event will earn the right to compete at a world cup race of their choosing. If the NSR #1 winner finishes in the top four (or top half if there are fewer than eight entries), then he or she will be nominated to the team. For the remaining boat categories, the speed order serves as an opportunity for athletes to test their speed early in the season in preparation for future selection regattas and trials.

NSR 1 Progression System: For Sculling Events - Top 18 from Friday time trial move on to three heats; 19+ to D, E, etc. finals. Top two from each heat advance to A final; places 3-4 advance to B final; places 5-6 advance to C final.

Miranda Cullins, former Case Crew rower and coach, participated in the event. In March 2010 she was invited to train at the Princeton Training Center and is listed in the official results under the "USRowing Training Center" banner.
Click here for full results (pdf) from the event.
Row2k.com articles about the event: Friday Time Trial (pdf), Friday Heats (pdf), and Sunday Finals (pdf)


Miranda NSR 1 2010
Miranda Cullins (lane 6) pushing against Undine's Heather Johnson to take 2nd place in D Final
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Race Results

Friday 2km Time Trial

Saturday "D" Final

Women's Open 1x Team Split
1. Ursula Grobler UW Training Center 7:26.581
2. Kathleen Bertko USTC 7:26.912
3. Genevra Stone Cambridge BC 7:28.150
4. Sarah Trowbridge USTC 7:29.481
5. Megan Walsh USTC 7:29.816
6. Natalie Dell Riverside BC 7:31.242
7. Stesha Carle USTC 7:31.290
8. Mae Joyce Gay Union BC 7:31.849
9. Ann Holmes Penn AC 7:33.967
10. Jessica Reel USTC 7:35.868
11. Megan Kalmoe USTC 7:35.976
12. Julia Nichols Vesper BC 7:36.773
13. Morgan Wimberley Potomac BC 7:38.202
14. Meghan Gaab Potomac BC 7:42.227
15. Shannon Kaplan Vesper BC 7:43.134
16. Louise Kinder Pocock Rowing Center 7:47.741
17. Frederique Garnier Union BC 7:47.777
18. Malyka Ianni Riverside BC 7:48.096
19. Christina Meyer Vesper BC 7:48.608
20. Heather Johnson Undine BC 7:48.796
21. Bryn Crawford Vesper BC 7:53.078
22. Staci Reynolds Unaffiliated 7:55.998
23. Sarah Stevenson Vesper BC 7:57.308
24. Miranda Cullins USTC 7:57.604
25. Kathryn Schiro Oklahoma City Univ. 8:04.468
Women's Open 1x Team Time
1. Christina Meyer Vesper BC 8:40.937
2. Miranda Cullins USTC 8:48.160
3. Heather Johnson Undine BC 8:49.447
4. Sarah Stevenson Vesper BC 9:00.985
5. Staci Reynolds Unaffiliated 9:02.393
6. Bryn Crawford Vesper BC 9:08.929
USTC = USRowing Training Center
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