20th Annual Hammer Ergatta

Location:   Cleveland, Ohio
Date:   February 22, 2009
Venue: Races were held on the John Carroll University campus.
Distance:   2000m on Concept 2 rowing machines

CWRU & JCU along with Cleveland State for the second time competed for the Hammer Cup, and the winner of the cup is based on the average times of each school's team with final methodology determined by the head coaches. Click here for a full listing of Hammer Cup Results.

This year's average team times for the Hammer Cup were:
CSU    7:44.7
CWRU   7:53.4
JCU    7:58.2

Results listed below are for Case Crew only with winning time listed. Click here to view the Full Results (pdf). Click here for some more photos from the race in the photo gallery. You can read a more detailed race report here.

Race Results

Women's Racing

Men's Racing

Open Women
1. Miranda Cullins 7:00.0
2. Katie Puttmann 7:44.7
3. Margaret Wilkes 7:48.1
8. Sarah Rubin 8:12.5
9. Jessica Schneider 8:20.6
11. Meg Grady 8:34.9
Open Novice Women
1. Winning Time 8:20.4
2. Monica Ionescu 8:21.8
4. Annelise Fahey 8:54.0
5. Rebecca Campbell 8:55.3
Open Men
1. Winning Time 6:48.8
4. Tom Attenweiler 7:01.7
Open Novice Men
1. Nicholas Beese 6:46.1
3. Matthew Moss 7:18.9
5. Daniel Seery 7:33.8
6. Benjamin Lorman 7:47.1
Lightweight Novice Men
1. Adam Deguire 7:20.0
Mixed Open Relay 6 x 500m
1. Case Western Reserve University - A 10:06.3
2. John Carroll University 10:18.0
3. Cleveland State University 10:26.2
4. Western Reserve Rowing Association 10:27.1
5. Case Western Reserve University - B 10:39.0
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