2014 Alumni Regatta Results

Location: Rivergate Boathouse - Cleveland, Ohio
Date: April 5, 2014
Course: ~500m from Center St. to Rivergate, floating start
Conditions:   Overcast with temps in the low 40's and windy, races against the current

All races were ~500m dashes run as head-to-head, winner takes all races.

Case Crew Alumni Regatta 2014

Alumni at the 2014 Alumni Regatta.
L-R: Trisha Krofcheck (with Kimberly in the stroller), Mike Krofcheck, Lauren Boucher, Doug Rathburn, Caitlin Bowerman, Jeff Chin, Miranda Cullins, Katie Puttmann, Nina Ma, Dan Bachmann, Meg Grady, Tom Attenweiler, Kate Menosky, Nate Uber, Chris Shoemaker, and Brian Chorney.
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Race Results

No times were taken. Places listed for each event.

Men's 8+ Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Alumni Men's 8+ Doug Rathburn (s), Brian Chorney (7), Tom Attenweiler (6), Nate Uber (5), Dan Bachmann (4), Chris Shoemaker (3), Jeff Chin (2), Mike Krofcheck (b), Nina Ma (cox)
2nd - Case Crew 8+ Matt Holdren (s), Patrick DelBarba (7), Lucas Vroege (6), Steffan Christianson (5), Liam Hoye (4), Luke Fakult (3), Chris Ryu (2), Masato Miyagi (b), Peter Choi (cox)
Verdict: 1 length

Women's 4+ Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Alumni Women Mirana Cullins (s), Caitlin Bowerman (3), Meg Grady (2), Katie Puttmann (b) and Nina Ma (cox)
2nd - Case Women's 4+ Mallory Miller (s), Abby Sevier (3), Colleen Kennedy (2), Rachel Horetsky (b) and Peter Choi (cox)
Verdict: 1.5 lengths

Men's 4+ Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Alumni Men A Tom Attenweiler (s), Mike Krofcheck (3), Dan Bachmann (2), Nate Uber (b), Lauren Boucher (cox)
2nd - Case Men Matt Holdren (s), Patrick DelBarba (3), Steffan Christianson (2), Chris Ryu (b), Sarah Nia Coleman (cox)
3rd - Alumni Men B Doug Rathburn (s), Jeff Chin (3), Kevin Roberts (2), Chris Shoemaker (b), Nina Ma (cox)
Verdict: half a length between 1st and second; 3rd place another length back

Mixed 8+ Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Alumni Mixed 8+ Miranda Cullins (s), Katie Puttmann (7), Kevin Roberts (6), Brian Chorney (5), Tom Attenweiler (4), Chris Shoemaker (3), Lauren Boucher (2), Meg Grady (b), Nina Ma (cox)
2nd - Case Crew Mixed 8+ Liam Hoye (s), Luke Fakult (7), Lucas Vroege (6), Masato Miyagi (5), Mallory Miller (4), Colleen Kennedy (3), Maya Monroe (2), Rachel Horetsky (b), Peter Choi (cox)
Verdict: 2 lengths


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