2008 Alumni Regatta Results

Location: Cleveland Rowing Foundation Boathouse - Cleveland, Ohio
Date: April 12, 2008
Course: 500m from Collision Bend to Boathouse, floating start
Conditions:   Cold and rainy, races with the current

All races were 500m dashes run in a single elimination tournament style for first and second places. A second bracket determined third and fourth places. Choice of shell went to the oldest rower in the race. If you're interested in the regatta's rules you can click HERE.

Photos from the day's racing can be found HERE.

Race Results

Race Schedule, winner in bold

City Side Time Boathouse Side  Time
Alumni Men 1 2:33:83 Men 1 2:15:07
Women 1 2:57:06 Women 3 3:23.21
Alumni Men 2 2:13.22 Men 2 2:32.23
Women 2 2:44:08 Women 4 2:25:24
Alumni Men 3 2:04:38 Alumni Men 1 2:13:00
Women 1 3:05:14 Women 2 2:34:00
Men 1   Men 2 cancelled
Women 3 2:56:34 Women 4 2:43:71
Alumni Men 2 2:14:66 Alumni Men 3 2:10:63
Women 2   Women 3 cancelled
Menís Championship
Alumni Men 3 NTT Men 1 victors

Women's Crews - Alumnae in Bold

Women 1 Kellina Anderson
Jenna Novak
Jessica Schneider
Fran Stephenson
Women 3 Laura Bonhard
Katie Puttman
Marissa Morgan
Shaynah Bassen
Women 2 Sarah Rubin
Agata Torborek
Miranda Cullins
Patty Wolford
Women 4 Lauren Boucher
Meg Grady
Sophia Houghton
Melissa Barry

Men's Crews - Alumni in Bold

Alumni 1 Mark Schoenenberg
Jason Kampmeyer
Mike Cooper
Case Holmes
Men 1 Tom Attenweiler
Chris Shoemaker
Chris Cichewicz
Gabe Kraus
Alumni 2 Ian Henderson
Brian Chorney
Chris Bowley

Chris Denzel
Men 2 Zhen Zhou
Ben Lawler
Mike Czigler
Gabe Kraus
Alumni 3 Mike Krofcheck
Nate Uber
Tom Hudak
Fraser Hewson

* Coxswains were: Rebecca Carter, Katie Menosky, Nina Ma and Stacie Ringleb and they alternated races.

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