2010 JCU 5k/6k Erg Challenge

Location:   Cleveland, Ohio
Date:   February 14, 2010
Venue:   John Carroll University
Distance:   5000m (women) & 6000m (men) on Concept 2 rowing machines


In lieu of the team participating in the Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints, John Carroll invited Case Crew to a friendly challege on their campus. Each rower was paired up with someone on the JCU team with comparable speed. 1 point was awarded for the winner between the 2 athletes. John Carroll won the overall challenge 7 points to 4, and below are the head-to-head race results.

JCU Erg Challenge 2010
Group photo of both Case and John Carroll participants
Click here for some more photos in the SARA photo gallery.
You can read a more detailed race report here.


Race Results

Women's Racing (5k)

Men's Racing (6k)

CWRU Time JCU Time
Margaret Wilkes 21:27 Megan 21:06
Elizabeth Brott 22:30 Lauren 22:15
Mallory Miller 22:14 n/a  
Caitlin Bowerman 21:21 Lauren 20:46
Sarah Greenlee 23:01 Lauren 22:29
Ruth Dickey 21:22 Maddy 23:11
Katie Puttmann 20:25 Kayla 20:24
CWRU Time JCU Time
Mike Johnson 25:00 Anthony 23:15
Nick Beese 21:53 Shawn 22:56
Doug Brubaker 23:02 ?? 22:48
Mike Figura 23:01 Devin 23:30
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