Twelfth Annual Cleveland Collegiate Regatta

March 22, 2014

Below are the results from the annual Cleveland Collegiate Regatta (name changed from the Home Schools Regatta in 2011). The race is held as a tune up each spring for the college teams rowing out of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation boathouse: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University and John Carroll University.

This year there were 8 races for points. The winner of each race event earned a point for their school with the overall points leader taking home the Cleveland Cup. Races with three entrants competed down a 500m course and the top two boats then raced in a 1750m final. All races started at Collision Bend and ended at either the old boathouse (500m) or the boathouse (1750m). The usual start at the mouth of the river into the lake was jammed with ice so the start was moved to Collision Bend. The temperature was in the high 30s, cloudy skies, and breezy conditions.

Cleveland Collegiate Regatta web site
Results below are for the finals. Heats were run in the MN4+, WN4+, MV4+ and WV4+ events with the last place crew eliminated. Click here for the regatta schedule (pdf) including the sequence of races and lane assignments.

Cleveland Collegiate Regatta Cup Results:

Case Crew5
John Carroll2
Cleveland State1


Home Schools 2014

Team photo at the 2014 Cleveland Collegiate Regatta
Click here for some more photos from the race in the photo gallery.
You can read a more detailed race report here.

Race Results

Women's Racing

Men's Racing

Women's Novice 8+
1. John Carroll University 6:05.9
2. Cleveland State University 6:57.2
Women's Varsity 4+
1. Case Western Reserve University * 5:58.8
2. Cleveland State University 6:10.6
* Assistant Coach Rachel Stanley raced with the crew
Women's Novice 4+
1. Cleveland State University 6:32.6
2. John Carroll University 6:37.4
Men's Varsity 8+
1. Case Western Reserve University 4:49.5
2. Cleveland State University 5:15.9
Men's Varsity 4+
1. Case Western Reserve University NTT
2. Cleveland State University +0:28.3
Men's Novice 4+
1. Case Western Reserve University 5:47.6
2. Cleveland State University 6:03.2

Mixed Racing

Mixed Varsity 8+
1. Case Western Reserve University * 5:12.8
2. Cleveland State University 5:29.2
* Assistant Coach Rachel Stanley raced with the crew
Mixed Novice 8+
1. John Carroll University 5:52.1
2. Cleveland State University 5:56.6

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