2007 Case Crew Alumni Regatta

April 22, 2007: Case Crew hosted its second alumni get together at the Cleveland Rowing Foundation boathouse. The weather was once again fantastic, and a great day was had by all. Full results for the day's racing can be found HERE.

If you were at the race and would like a CD with all of the photos I took in full resolution just send me an email and I will drop one in the post. Otherwise, check out the SARA Photo Gallery for all the photos from the day in a higher resolution.

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Group photo before the racing started.
Alumni in attendance: Dan Bachmann '97, MED'02, Gina Bachmann MED'02, Ian Henderson '06, Fraser Hewson G'02, Tom Hudak '92, Doug Rathburn '97, G'00, Erynn Rathburn '99, Dave Simpson '06, Pete Whittaker '04

Here's one of the race photos showing the "old" alumni men in their first heat beating the 2004 Men (in the Sweet J BTW) by a mere 1.5 seconds. The line up in the alumni four swtiched around a bit since there were five people. The left photo shows Doug Rathburn, Tom Hudak, Dan Bachmann, and Pete whittaker with Erynn Rathburn coxing. The right photo shows the crew launching for the second heat with Fraser Hewson swapped for Doug.

The 2004 Women's Crew looked impressive and walked away with the overall win.
Line-up: (from stroke): Meg Grady, Keelan Quinn, Lauren Boucher, Teresa Shyr, (cox) Erynn Rathburn '99

The 2002 Men's Crew ended up beating the old boys in the finals by only a length or so. They looked good, but if the race was handicapped the result may have been different.
Line-up: (cox) Nina Ma, Dave Simpson, Chris Bowley, Ian Henderson, Brian Chorney

Photos of the winning men's and women's crews with their trophy. The winners of the trophy (men & women) have to share the award throughout the year. Each crew member gives the trophy to the next person after they've had it a few months. By the next year's alumni regatta each member should have gotten a chance to put it on their shelf. This tradition is meant to help foster the alumni spirit and get people engaged and talking about Case Crew throughout the year.

Some more cool photos from the day.
Line up: (from stroke) Jenna Novak, Kellina Anderson, Sarah Rubin, Patty Wolford, (cox) Pete Whittaker

The future generation of Case Crew members were also in attendance. Fraser's son, Oliver, is on the left. And on the right is Tim recruiting the next member of the women's squad: Dan's daughter, Addison.

Some of you that haven't been to the boathouse in a while may notice something missing behind Tim and Dan: the Old Wooden Boathouse. Mental note, don't store gasoline in a wooden boat house. It burned down a couple years ago and the area is now used for a parking lot. From the insurance settlement, WRRA got some many to refurbish the metal boathouse and build an addition. Tim also got some money to finally buy a new shell since the original Mary Cecilia was melted into the asphalt.

Of course, no rowing career nor regatta participation could occur without the support of a wonderful spouse. Here you can see Erynn in one of the old school (1993!) royal blue crew jackets. On the right is Gina Bachmann with Erynn and little Addison.

Faser and Karen brought Oliver down to watch the rowing too. There is now proof that I've held a baby...

The weather was beautiful so the dock was the place to be to watch the racing.
(From left to right): Grace Bell, Mir Bear-Johnson, Joanna Lucas, and Anne Hall

The head women's coach, Chris Sheridan, has done wonderful things with the team. If you've been reading the race reports on the SARA home page you'll get a sense of how well things have been going the last couple years. The level of speed she is able to get out of her girls is amazing considering no pay, inadequate equipment, and few options through the school to recruit. Did I mention that giving to SARA can help?

A day on the Cuyahoga wouldn't be complete without the American Republic.

Great Lakes Alumni Mixer

The night before racing, the alumni and students met up at the Great Lakes Brewing Company. Some good beer aids in the remembering of old war stories.

Left Photo: from left to right - Michael Cooper '08, Lauren Boucher '09, Ben Lawler '10, Chris Denzel '09, Nate Uber LAW'07
Right Photo: from left to right - Brian Chorney '07, Pete Whittaker '04, Dave Simpson '06, Tom Hudak '92, Chris Bowley '07

Eric Matyac '94, G'97 even made it out for drinks, though somehow not for the racing the next day. It was great to see him and he promised to make it to the racing next year. ;-)

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