2011 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta Results

Location:   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date:   May 13-14, 2011
Distance:   2000m; Stake boats and buoyed course.
Conditions for May 13 heats:   Partly cloudy with temps in the 60's and a 5-7mph tailwind.
Conditions for May 14 semi-finals:   Partly cloudy with temps in the low 60's and negligible wind.
Conditions for May 14 finals:   Rain with temps in the mid 60's and negligible wind.

The regatta secured the Aberdeen title sponsorship in 2010 and added Coca-Cola in 2011. The race is now called the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta presented by Coca-Cola. Click here for the Dad Vail Web Site for more information about the regatta.
Click here for full results from the regatta (13.4MB pdf) or just all of the women's pair results (559kb pdf).

You can read a more detailed race report here.


Vails 2011

2011 Dad Vail Women's Varsity Pair without Coxswain
CWRU Lineup of Caitlin Bowerman (stroke) & Katie Puttmann (bow) crossing the finish line in their Friday heat in third place. Second place NY Maritime (top) and 5th place Duquesne (bottom) also in the photo.
© row2k.com & Anna Zhilkova
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Friday Heats
Women's Pair without Cox (3 to Semi-Final):
1. Fairfield University 8:21.80
2. NY Maritime Academy 8:32.24
3. Case Western Reserve University 8:34.59
4. Oklahoma City University 8:34.62
5. Duquesne University 8:38.05
6. Clarkson University 9:00.28
CWRU advanced to Semi-Finals
Saturday Semi-Finals
Women's Pair without Cox (2 to Final):
1. Loyola Marymount University 8:21.83
2. Case Western Reserve University 8:34.06
3. Stetson University 8:34.27
4. American University 8:45.27
5. Drexel University 8:46.60
CWRU advanced to Finals
Saturday Final
Women's Pair without Cox:
1. Fairfield University 8:12.92
2. Loyola Marymount University 8:16.34
3. University of Pittsburgh 8:22.43
4. Brock University 8:23.48
5. Georgia Tech University 8:38.60
6. Case Western Reserve University 8:40.89
CWRU finished 6th of 28 crews
Summary of all Women's Varsity Pairs Racing
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