2013 Alumni Regatta Results

Location: Rivergate Boathouse - Cleveland, Ohio
Date: April 13, 2013
Course: ~600m from Nautica to Rivergate, floating start
Conditions:   Overcast with temps in the 40's, races against the current

All races were 600m dashes run as head-to-head, winner takes all races.
If you're interested in the regatta's schedule and format you can click HERE.

Case Crew Alumni Regatta 2013

Alumni and coaches at the 2013 Alumni Regatta.
L-R: Margaret Wilkes, Patty Travis, Jeff Chin, Doug Rathburn, Nate Uber, Dan Bachmann, Tim Marcovy, Bob Gannon, Aaron Marcovy, Mike Krofcheck, Ken Klika, Trish Krofcheck with Anna Czekaj photo bombing.
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Race Results

No times were taken. Places listed for each event.

Men's 8+ Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Case Crew 8+ Patrick DelBarba (s), Doug Brubaker (7), Liam McCormick (6), Matt Holdren (5), Steffan Christianson (4), Christian Juengling (3), Eddie Peng(2), Peter Choi (b), Anna Czekaj (cox)
2nd - Alumni Men's 8+ Doug Rathburn (s), Tim Marcovy (7), Gavin Brown (6), Evan Lanese (5), Dan Bachmann (4), Nate Uber (3), Mike Krofcheck (2), Ken Klika (b), Chloe Milliman (cox)
Verdict: 1 length

Mixed 8+ Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Case Crew Mixed 8+ Matt Brown (s), Matt Holdren (7), Chris Ryu (6), Dan McKinnon (5), Katie Kershenbaum (4), Rachel Horetzky (3), Jamie Shah (2), Tita Romero, Tara Tran (cox)
2nd - Alumni Mixed 8+ Doug Rathburn (s), Tim Marcovy (7), Dan Bachmann (6), Nate Uber (5), Eileen Gordon (4), Margaret Wilkes (3), Gabby Gutierrez (2), Patty Travis (b), Chloe Milliman (cox)
Verdict: 1.5 lengths

Women's 4+ plus Pair Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Case Varsity Pair Caitlin Bowerman (s) and Mallory Miller (b)
2nd - Case Women's 4+ Stephanie Merlino (s), Abby Sevier (3), Hannah Johnson (2), Monica Hiller (b) and Peter Choi (cox)
3rd - Alumni Women Colleen Kennedy (s), Margaret Wilkes (3), Eileen Gordon (2), Patty Travis (b) and Jeff Chin (cox)
Verdict: half length between the fours

Men's 4+ Crew (Event Photos)
1st - Case Men Liam McCormick (s), Gavin Brown (3), Steffan Christianson (2), Eddie Peng (b), Tara Tran (cox)
2nd - Alumni Men Dan Bachmann (s), Evan Lanese (3), Mike Krofcheck (2), Ken Klika (b), Jeff Chin (cox)
Verdict: easily


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