2001 Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints

Location:   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date:   February 3, 2001
Distance:   2000m on Concept 2 rowing machines

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Lightweight Open Men
?. Mike Krofcheck 7:17.7
?. Pete Whittaker 7:39.8
Lightweight Novice Men
?. Alex Degutis 7:25:0

Race Report from Mike Krofcheck '04

The indoor sprints in Pittsburgh kicked ass, despite that I didn't hit the time I wanted, and got beaten by the only JCU lwt by a half a second. Just means that at the hammer, i'll kick his ass by a good 10 seconds.

I think that everyone who can should go to this next year and so on. It is a great experience regardless of how you place. I would consider it worth the drive to just drive out there and watch. Any time you can see a built RIT gal pull a 2000 in 7:03, and not break a sweat, completely push the rest of the field off of the tv screens, 'hop' off her erg and walk over and cheer her other 2 teammates on while they finish, then be off the erging area before most of the field finishes, is amazing.

The Penn State guy who pulled a 6:16 was also impressive - and he didn't even need the paramedics to drag him off the erg, and patch him up, as happened a decent number of others during the day. It is always motivating to see people push themselves to where they need 2 or 3 people to pick them off the erg afterwards. The Dude had a nice relaxed row! I wish I had his shades to keep the sun out of my eyes during my piece.

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