1993 National Collegiate Rowing Championships

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date: June 12, 1993
Course: 2000m on Lake Harsha


Cincinnati Regatta 1993

Lou Munoz (coxswain), Brian Schultz (2-seat), Mike Schaefer (stroke), John Balint (3-seat), Tony Barrancotta (bow) at the 1993 National Collegiate Rowing Championships.

We do not have results from the regatta. The results listed below were referenced in a team newsletter here. If you have a copy of the results please send them to the webmaster.

Click here for more photos from Mike Schaefer and John Ballint.


Men's Open 4+
1. CRC - A  
2. Orlando  
3. Atlanta  
4. CRC - B  
5. Case Western Reserve University 7:58.78
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