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How does the endowment strengthen CWRU Crew?

The endowment, the permanent capital of the rowing team, provides funding to support the mission of CWRU Crew for current and future student-athletes and lends fiscal stability to the organization. Income from the endowment augments the crew�s operating budget and its core priorities of student experience, exceptional coaching and on-the-water performance.

Can an endowment be designated for a specific purpose?

Absolutely! Endowments are a perfect vehicle for creating a legacy that lasts forever. Designating your endowment to support CWRU Crew is essential to the team's long term success... and the purpose of this page. Spartans Forever!

What is the minimum gift pledge to create an endowment?

Endowed funds may be established with a minimum gift or pledge of at least $25,000 through a single gift or through installments pledged over a period of time mutually agreed upon by the donor and CWRU representatives (usually five years).

Can I continue to add to my endowed fund once established?

Yes, donors have the opportunity to continue to fund their endowments after the original commitment is fulfilled. This will increase the value of the endowment and resources available to the team each year.

Can I add funds to an existing SARA/CWRU endowment?

Yes, as of 2014 we have one endowment set up with the university to support coaching. Contact the SARA President for more details on how to add funds and apply your company match to this fund. Alternatively, you can send you donation into the university and direct it to the "Spartan Alumni Rowing Association Coaching Endowment."

What payment methods can I use to make an endowment gift?

Endowment gifts can be made through a variety of methods including cash (check or credit card), appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) and corporate matching gifts. Contact us and we can work through the details.

Is my endowment gift payment tax deductible?

Contributions made to establish an endowed fund are considered charitable gifts to CWRU on behalf of CWRU Crew and accordingly, are 100% tax deductible.

What information do I receive annually on my endowment with CWRU?

The CWRU Office of Investments sends a personal endowment report to each donor annually.

Can an endowment be setup directly with SARA?

Not at this time. We are not in the business of financial management. Pooling your funds with CWRU's large asset pool helps ensure stability, low operating costs, and professional oversight. We are also looking into opportunities to partner with the Cleveland Foundation to maintain our endowments. This approach may allow us more control over the use of the funds. As always, if you're contemplating an endowment level gift please reach out to the SARA leadership beforehand.

Have you looked at other endowment resources?

There may be an option to place an endowed fund at an organization like The Cleveland Foundation. To date we have not explored this, but setting up a relationship such as this may be beneficial and provide more flexibility to support the rowing team. The minimum amount needed to create an endowment with The Cleveland Foundation is $10,000, which is also potentially desirable. If you are interested, please contact the SARA executive team.


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