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The Cost of Excellence

SARA is responsible for funding a large portion of the budget for CWRU Crew. The entire coaching budget is funded by alumni. We have also purchased most of the fours and all of the small boats for the team plus cox boxes and oars.

The goal of the SARA endowments residing at CWRU are to make the team self sustaining over the long haul.

At the moment the SARA endowment provides roughly $2,500 per year to the team for coaching (as of 2013). Based on samples of other nationally competitive club rowing teams, we've put together the following picture for an ideal annual operating budget:

Crew Ideal Budget

With a $200,000 annual budget we would be able to:

  • Hire a full time coach with benefits

  • Provide stipends to assistant coaches

  • Maintain a fleet of shells on an acceptable rotation schedule

  • Allow the team to travel regionally and nationally

  • Provide a world class student-athlete experience to Case students

Considering all revenue sources (alumni donations, existing endowment, Browns games, ergathon, dues) we are currently at a level half that of our peers.

As annual fund gifts from donors that help operating costs fluctuate from year to year, establishing endowed funds is one of SARA's highest priorities. Individuals who choose to make endowment gifts are helping sustain the continued excellence of Case Crew.

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