Coach's Corner: 2009 Speakmon Regatta Recap


Case Western Reserve Crew Club
Speakmon Regatta
October 24th, 2009 • Columbus, Ohio

The Case Crew Club traveled to Columbus, OH on Saturday 10/ 24/09 to compete at the Speakmon Regatta. This all-day event was very exciting as it was the first race for the novices, and the last race of the fall season! Coaches Patty and Miranda were not able to attend this regatta, so Preya was the only coach present and was extremely impressed by the leadership, enthusiasm and helpfulness of all athletes!

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Case Crew

The Menís Open 4+ A and B were the first event for the Spartan Navy: The A boat of Jessica Schneider (cox), Adam Wilson (4), Chris Cichewicz (3), Matt Moss (2) and Nick Beese (bow) Ďreunitedí to row their Head of the Charles line-up one last time. With good leg drive, they were able to get the hull moving at a solid 28-30, but due to equipment malfunction with their rudder, they ended up zig-zagging down the course. Good leadership from cox Jessica Schneider got them safely across the finish line. During their debrief they decided to put this race aside and focus on the Open Eight later in the day.
Time: 22:54

The Menís 4+ B of Anna Czekaj (cox), Dan Seery (4), Ben Lorman (3), Kenji Ishida (2) and Ben Connell (bow) surged through the water in the Hot Sauce. Coach Preya could see their smooth finishes and aggressive catches, and this definitely helped combat a slight starboard lean. It was also cox Annaís first ever racing experience. When she got off the water, she exclaimed that she was fiercely competitive with her calls. The men felt that this attitude helped them enormously. This boat is comprised of novices racing in an open event and they should be proud of their performance!
Time: 21:52

The Menís Open Novice 8+ of Chris Cichewicz (cox), Jordan Lajoie (stroke), Ben Connell (7), Mike Baldonieri (6), Alex Nassif (5), Dan Seery (4), Mike Figura (3) Greg Geither (2) and Mike Johnson (bow) raced very well in the Marcovy. With a stroke rating around a 26-28, they blew down the race course in a very competitive event. Having only 3 experienced rowers in this boat, they were able to focus their power throughout the drive to create good run. I am extremely proud of this group of men; they have great athletic ability and put the team first. Watch for them this spring!
Time: 20:29

The Womenís Pair of Katie Puttmann and Margaret Wilkes rowed in one of their favorite shells, the kaizen, to a classy second place finish. Even in rainy and cold conditions, they had been looking forward to this race since September! With stellar steering to good swing, Katie and Margaret came off the water with big smiles, knowing they had medaled without even seeing the results!
Time: 23:57

The Womenís Open Novice 8+ of Matt Moss (cox), Monica Ionescu (stroke), Caitlin Bowerman (7), Sarah Greenlee (6), Elizabeth Brott (5), Lily Hecker (4, from Cleveland State), Ruth Dickey (3), Anna Czekaj (2) and Danna Duchesne (bow) rowed to a fantastic third place finish! Cox Matt Moss said that this boat had excellent set with applied power. Stroke Monica Ionescu, who had just hopped out of her single (where she got first place), told her boat ďladies, we are going to get a medal in this race, I just know itĒ, did a fantastic job setting the rating. This group of women is compromised of former athletes, and used their competitive edge to row very smoothly. I am excited to see what they can do in the spring! A big thanks to Lily Hecker, who helped complete the novice lineup.
Time: 23:06

The Womenís Open 4+ of Kenji Ishida (cox), Jessica Schneider (stroke), Margaret Wilkes (3), Sarah Rubin (2) and Katie Puttmann (bow), rowed their HOCR lineup one last time to a first place finish. I was able to see the last 600 meters and was pleased with the good technique and power application. They should be proud of their results. It also marked Jessica Schneiderís and Sarah Rubinís last race for the Spartan Navy, as they are graduating this fall.
Time: 21:47

The Womenís Collegiate Novice 4+ of Anna Czekaj (cox) Ruth Dickey (stroke), Caitlin Bowerman (3), Sarah Greenlee (2) and Elizabeth Brott (bow) endured cold winds and rain during their second race of the day. The held their leg drive and even though they maintained a lower stroke rating, they rowed to a second place finish, behind John Carroll University. The experience of racing twice was a good one, and they were enthusiastic of their placing!
Time: 25:46

The last race of the day ended with the Menís Open 8+ of Katie Puttmann (cox), Adam Wilson (stroke), Nick Beese (7), Dan Seery (6), Chris Cichewicz (5), Matt Moss (4), Ben Lorman (3), Jordan Lajoie (2) and Kenji Ishida (bow). I was able to see the last 600 meters and was impressed by the clean blade work. Cox Katie Puttmann did a fantastic job steering and motivating the men. After the race, the men said they were pleased with their performance and huddled up to remind themselves that the training for the spring starts now. This group of highly motivated men will be leaders on the team and I look forward to seeing what they accomplish during our winter training.
Time: 18:33

During this long day, coach Preya coxed the Western Reserve Rowing Associationís Womenís Masters 4+ to a first place finish. Her brief absence would not have been possible without the leadership of everyone on the Case team.

The fall is always a great season; itís when we teach novice rowers what it means to row for Case and the varsity enjoy being back on the water together. However, spring will be here before you know it. The coaches have a comprehensive winter training plan and are looking forward to instilling a competitive, yet fun work ethic. Do you have thoughts on winter training you want to share with the team? Send comments to coach Preya at

Thank you for your continual support to the Spartan Navy!

Think fast thoughts,
Coaches Preya Nixon, Patty Wolford & Miranda Cullins
CWRU Crew Club





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